Gwen Stefani has impressed us with her music since the ‘90s. She continues to be an important figure in the music and fashion industries. Her timeless beauty is often talked about, as she does not seem to have aged a bit in the last three decades. What has changed though, is her hairstyle.  The singer has experimented with short curls, bobs, bangs, braids, space buns, colors, highlights, etc. more than any other artist. She has channeled Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and sometimes, even ended up looking like an ice-cream swirl. On her 47th birthday, we bring you some of her wackiest styles, which made her look like someone (or something) completely different. Take a look:

Charlize Theron

Gwen Stefani and Charlize Theron - BookMyShow


Gwen Stefani and Sia - BookMyShow

Christina Aguilera

Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera - BookMyShow


Gwen Stefani and Madonna - BookMyShow

Marilyn Monroe

Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Monroe - BookMyShow


Gwen Stefani and Legolas - BookMyShow


Gwen Stefani and Coneheads - BookMyShow


Gwen Stefani and Medusa - BookMyShow

Swirl Lollipop

Gwen Stefani and swirl lollipops - BookMyShow

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