The finish line to winter is in sight and perhaps there is no better way to change your look for spring than going in with a new hue. After all, what is a season change without a refreshing new color? Plus, it does not always have to be something crazy.

The last few months gave us hair color trends like cinnamon swirl, denim blue and rose gold. For spring, you might want to consider trying something different. However, before booking your appointment, make sure you take a quick look at the hair color trends you may want to choose from.

Subtle Highlights
Subtle highlights are a good way to accent the hair and create definition. All hair colors and skin tones can benefit from the effects of understated highlights.

Highlights - BookMyShow

Chestnut Brown
To get the chestnut hue, one cannot settle for a single process. In fact, getting lowlights throughout gives the illusion of movement. It also has the ability to give your complexion glow.

Chestnut Brown - BookMyShow

Golden Strawberry Blonde
The golden strawberry blonde is perfect for those who want to make their way to a reddish color without actually having to go red. It works best for those with light warm skin.

Golden Strawberry Blonde - BookMyShow

Soft Black
If you want to go for a color that looks natural, even though it isn't, go for a softer shade of black. Going in for severe shades will only make your hair look unnatural.

Soft Black - BookMyShow

The Tiger Eye
The tiger eye is a combination of golden and caramel highlights on brown hair. It is just perfect for brunettes.

The Tiger Eye - BookMyShow

Tell us which one you love and why.