We all want to have hair that looks absolutely gorgeous. However, we do not always pay attention to how we treat our hair strands. It's just hair after all, isn't it? Well, if you think it doesn't require much attention, you need to think again. There are many factors that can affect the health and appearance of your hair. From what you eat to the combs and hairbrushes you use, everything counts. Sometimes, in an attempt to give our hair the best, we do exactly the opposite – we end up ruining it.

Here is a list of some common hair care mistakes that you could make:

Thinking you can mend spilt ends
It is true that no product can mend spilt ends. The best solution is prevention by eating healthy and avoiding excessive  processing such as use of heating tools, over-washing, chemicals etc. The second best is to get a trim.
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Not being careful about your eating habits
You are what you eat. The food you consume is reflected in your nails, skin and hair. Food rich in B6 and B12 help create blood cells, which makes hair healthier.
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Washing your hair too often
No, your hair does not benefit from daily washing. Doing so will only strip your hair off essential oils, leaving it lifeless. If you like, try some dry shampoo.
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The wrong water temperature
Using very hot water is a serious mistake. It not only activates oil-secreting glands, but also strips your hair of colour. Keratin, protien in the hair, can be destroyed in very high temperature. Using luke warm water is ideal for removing dirt, diluting secretions and improving blood circulation.
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Using the iron on damp hair/with hairspray
An iron can burn the follicles of damp strands. Your hair should ideally be completely dry before you style.

Also, never use a hairspray on your hair while it is locked into the iron. When the alcohol in the hairspray comes in contact with heat, your hair burns. Always use it after styling.
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Not brushing your hair before washing
Hair, when wet, is at its weakest. To prevent shower-induced tangles, brush your hair before you hop in.

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Intense towel drying
After washing your hair, blot it gently from the roots to the ends with a towel and then shake out the strands with your fingers. Do not tie a towel around your head since this could damage your hair follicles. If you're in a hurry, use a cotton T-shirt.
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Incorrect use of a hairdryer
Always blow dry your hair from the roots to the ends and make sure that the dryer nozzle is situated at a sharp angle to the hair strands. This helps closing the cuticles.
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Choosing the wrong brush
Choosing the right brush is crucial. The smaller the barrel, the more the body. The larger the brush, the straighter the hair.
Also, don't forget to keep your brushes clean. Washing them in warm water once a week is ideal.Hair Brush - BookMyShow
Going for a swim without washing your hair
Using distilled water or tap water before a swim blocks chemicals from making their way into hair.
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Always tying your hair in a ponytail
Throwing your hair in a ponytail isn't always the best thing to do. It can cause serious breakage. If possible one should opt for hair clips instead of hair ties.
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Coloring too often
This can leave your hair visibly damaged. Give your hair a rest for a few months. If you want to keep your hair healthy, stick to a consistent color schedule and have a regular repairing treatment.
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