Hair Trends to Follow in 2017

"I can't do anything to my hair." If that is what you've been crying about, rest assured you'll never have to do that again.

From gorgeous layers to blunt fringes to a whole new shade of hair color, this year is the perfect time for you to test out those hair trends that you see your favorite celebrities and street-style stars sport and perfect them.

If you're looking for some inspiration to reinvent your look, you have come to the right place. Here are a few hair trends that you should try out this year, because new year, new you, right?

If you want a change without the big chop, bangs are for you. They can transform your look instantly. If you do not want an eye-length fringe, go for longer bangs. They're extremely versatile.

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A long bob, called a lob is here to stay! However, to make it textured and prettier, layers can come into play.

Lobs - BookMyShow

Go natural
Now, this one, we can all get onboard with. You just need to stop worrying, especially when you don't have time to fuss over hair. Simply brush your hair before you wash it. Next, towel it lightly and let it dry completely without touching. This will help bring out the natural texture.

Natural - BookMyShow

One is no stranger to funky tints, but this is a step ahead. It gives you neon strands in daylight and intergalactic explosion by night.

Dare to go neon?
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Hair Accessories
By far the easiest trend – simply add an embellished accessory behind your ear.

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This one is a great way to amp up your hair with a boost in body. On damp hair, work with a volumizing mousse at the roots. Twisting
two-inch sections of hair up, secure with pins at the roots. Allow hair to air-dry. Once dry, remove the pins.

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Messy wavy hair
This is all about mimicking the I-just-woke-up style with a little effort. Crunch your hair and divide it into two sections, before you curl it away from your face.

Messy - BookMyShow

It was high time the basic braid got an upgrade. You could now go in with the rope braid which is actually quite simple to do.