We all know for a fact that long hair, whether wavy or straight, has innumerable styling possibilities. However, those with short hair, always find themselves struggling to learn some hairdos. This can be maddening for short-haired beauties. Well, if you’re one of them, we have some good news for you. There is absolutely no need for you to feel left out when it comes to styling ideas. There are plenty, just that they take some effort and maybe a lot of hair pins! After all you deserve some hairstyle versatility too. Isn’t it?

Here are 10 ways you can style your hair:

Well, A Crown
In order to achieve this hairdo, slip a thin elastic headband over the crown of your head. Now, twist and tuck your hair up and over the headband and set it with hairspray.
Crown - BookMyShow

Quick Twist
For the quick twist, part your hair down the middle. Taking the entire left side, start twisting near your ear. Stopping just past the middle, add a large bobby pin. Next, gather all the hair on the right together with that left out from the other side.
Twisting it up, position it over the first twist using a large bobby pin. If there is any hair that is left out, tuck it into the twist.
Quick Twist - BookMyShow

The Long Short
If you love the long hair effect but cannot grow them out, this is for you.
Divide your hair into two sections. Pin up the top just to keep it out of the way. Pull the bottom into a ponytail, twist it into a bun and pin it flat. Un-pin the top section and divide it into small strands.
Now fold the strands in half and pin them underneath. Use a curling iron to flip the stands out a little.
Long Short - BookMyShow

A Double Braid Crown
Before you begin this one, add some volume to your hair by using a curling iron. Now make two side braids one behind the other. To give it a little texture, pull the braids apart and secure the sides with bobby pins.
Double Braid - BookMyShow

Three Twisted Buns
Put your hair into three low ponytails. Twisting them into buns, push them up and secure them with pins.
Three Twisted Buns - BookMyShow

Ponytail Knot
Before you begin, brush your hair. Once done, let out hair from the front sides and put the remaining hair behind your ears in a low ponytail. Secure it with clear elastic.
Taking the front, side sections, pull back over the top of the ponytail. Twist into half a knot and wrap around the ponytail and under. To secure use bobby pins.

Wavy Hair
First pin up the top half of your hair. Using the clamp, curl the shorter sections in the back. Now curl the remaining in alternating directions.
For bangs: curl up and away from the face.
Wavy - BookMyShow

Swept Back
For this look, start with a hair spray at the roots. Rub a little hair wax on your fingertips and run your fingers through your hair pulling it straight back.
Swept Back - BookMyShow

Curl all over with a curling iron. For the back, curl as much as possible with the iron towards your head. Using a styling cream, play with directions through your hair. Once you have achieved the desired look, use a hairspray.
Flair - BookMyShow

Victory Roll
Use your comb to separate the hair that will be part of your victory roll. Clip the section and curl the remainder with a curling iron. Un-clip the front and curl it up and away.
Divide the placement, secure using bobby pins and set with hairspray. Gather the front side of your hair, twist and pin it up. Add an accessory of you’d like!
Victory Roll - BookMyShow