He was your favorite Hufflepuff and your teenage heartthrob. He also made vampires sexy and desirable. Today, Robert Pattinson turns 30! The actor has come a long way since his debut in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as the attractive Triwizard champion Cedric Diggory. Yet it was the Twilight series and Pattinson’s portrayal of the fictional character, Edward Cullen, which brought the British hunk into the limelight. While he admits to being camera-shy, there’s no doubt that in front of the camera, R-Patz is one of the most fabulous-looking celebrities. He is not afraid to experiment with colors or patterns, creating a new wave of fashion for men. Check out his ultimate style here:
Flashing his True Colors
Black is for ordinary men! R-Patz has experimented with many colored suits, looking gorgeous in each of them.
Robert Pattinson suits - BookMyShow

Buried under Layers
It is quite cold where R-Patz comes from, so it’s no wonder the actor buries himself underneath several layers of clothes. Move to Bombay, Patty!
Robert Pattinson layered clothing - BookMyShow

The Beard Evolution
Beards are for men what make-up is for women. The actor has often experimented with his facial hair, growing a massive beard at one point of time. Redefining lumbersexual, Robbie?
Robert Pattinson beards - BookMyShow

Messing Around
The Twilight hunk is the King of Messy Hair! He does make that unruly mop look sexy, especially when he runs his long fingers through them. Drool!
Robert Pattinson hair - BookMyShow

Throwing Shade
R-Patz has changed his shades game multiple times, rocking each of his looks. Aviators, round glasses, browline, or retro square – all go well with his oblong face.
Robert Pattinson shades - BookMyShow

A Beanie Baby
A gorgeous face like that needs extra protection! The actor is frequently spotted sporting different colored beanies to keep the chill out.
Robert Pattinson beanies - BookMyShow

To Cap it All Off
The best way to deal with a bad hair day is to cover it! Rob’s foolproof way to protect his messy hair is to tuck it under a cap.

Robert Pattinson caps - BookMyShow