Lipsticks have been a favorite makeup essential since ancient times. Yes, believe it! It all started 5000 years back when Sumerian men and women crushed gemstones to decorate their lips and eyes. Cleopatra was also known to crush bugs to create a color of red, which she would apply on her lips. While back then it was used to differentiate between class and social status, today it`s an integral part of our daily makeup routine. 

Pop some lipstick on and you can go from looking dull to glam. Brighten up a dull day with some bright cherry red lipstick or wear a nude and let your eyes do the talking. However, first and foremost, choosing the right shade to suit your skin tone is essential. All you then need is confidence and a nice bright smile.

There are no ground rules. However, there are certain guidelines in choosing the right shade.

1. Identify your skin tone and undertone

Identifying your complexion and undertone is a must if you want to go about choosing the right shade. You can easily know if you are fair, wheatish, dusky or dark. Now, let`s get into some technicalities.

Undertones: Your skin is made up of two layers. The lower layer becomes your undertone. To know what undertone you are, you can take the Vein Test. Simply check the insides of your hands and look for your vein color. If they appear bluish, you have a cool undertone. If greenish, you have warmer undertone and if you can`t conclude, you have a neutral undertone. Ones with a neutral undertone are lucky to choose from both sides of the lipstick spectrum.

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2. Using the above knowledge to determine the right shade
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Fair skin with warm undertones: Women with fair skin and warm undertones will look fabulous in nudes, apricots, pinks and corals.

Fair skin with cool undertones: Mauve and mocha shades will suit your complexion well. Crimson reds and berry-toned pinks will look great as a statement lips.
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Wheatish skin with warm undertones: Choose rose-colored neutrals, true oranges and cherry reds.

Wheatish skin with cool undertones: Go for wine-colored purples and reds and warm pinks.
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Dusky skin with warm undertones: Say yes to subtle brown and berry shades.

Dusky skin with cool undertones: Choose from shades like brick red, brownish red and caramel.
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Dark skin with warm undertones: Copper, walnut, bronze and honey will look gorgeous.

Dark skin with cool undertones: Those with cool undertones can opt for ruby red and wine colors.

3. Tips

Before applying lipstick, prep your lips by either applying some lip balm or exfoliate them by rubbing some sugar on them/ running your toothbrush on them.

Use a primer so that your lips become devoid of their natural color and become a brand new slate for your lipstick color to pop out.

Apply a lip liner that is two shades darker than your lip color.

If you have thin lips, avoid dark shades, they will only accentuate their thinness. Creamy lipsticks and gloss add plumpness.

After you apply your lipstick, erase any stray lines with a concealer brush.

Either go for dramatic lips or eyes, never both.

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Go on and experiment. Have fun with makeup. All you need is the confidence to carry it off. After all, the best curve on your body needs to look its best. Happy pouting!