It's finally that festive time of the year when we allow ourselves to let loose, dance the night away and lose the count on the number of drinks we had. Yes, Christmas is finally here and so is our reason to get wasted. While Christmas is a holiday and drinking in moderation is okay, for all the people who have to head to office the immediate morning, we totally feel your pain and this article is just for you. 

Some wise man once said "It's much easier to prevent a hangover than to deal with it the next morning." So you can drink like there is no tomorrow but still skip the hangover the next morning. Want to know how? Follow these steps and you'll be just fine!

Tip 1- Party pill

Party pills avoid you from getting a hangover the next morning. All you have to do is pop a pill an hour before you start drinking and quit worrying after that. Consult a doctor first though, always recommended.

Tip 2- Drink slowly 

The most important rule of drinking is to drink as much as you want, but not in a hurry. If you gulp alcohol like water then you're bound to have a hangover.

Tip 3 -Don't mix your drinks

You like beer but you like whiskey too. Oh wait, there's vodka as well? No. Do not do that. Just do not.

Tip 4- Eat well

We often forget to eat once alcohol reaches our system. It is extremely important to eat well when you're drinking too much in order to avoid the uneasiness the next morning.

Tip 5- Easy with the smoking 

For all of you who like to smoke a cigarette or two every half an hour with your alcohol, your chances of having a hangover are more than the others. So skip a few smokes, it will make a difference the next morning.

Now that you have these tips, let us know what worked for you. Have a Merry Christmas!