Winter is finally here and while a lot of people are really sad about stowing away those shorts and skirts, many are kicked about feeling the crisp and chilly wind and layer clothes on their body. Now you may think what could be good about layering clothes on yourself? You only end up looking fat but no, that is not true. If worn correctly, winter can be one of the best seasons to make your style stand out. Want to know how? Here's an 'All that you need to know about winter fashion' guide we have made specially for you. Have a look and make these chilly days fabulous.

Shirt over T-shirt


One very casual and warm style to pull off during winters is wearing a shirt over your t-shirt. Team it with sneakers. Of course, it gives a very college-girl look but what's wrong with looking young?



A beanie works wonders in keeping your ears warm. Gone are the days of monkey caps. let your hair down and you're good to go! Also, you don't need a particular kind of outfit for it to look good with.

Leather Jackets


A jacket or a blazer can be paired with any of your favorite outfit and it will only enhance the look of your attire. A leather jacket though, is a must have in every girl's wardrobe.



Wear your skinny jeans with a full-sleeved top and adding a scarf will only add flare to your outfit like nothing else would. Classy, stylish and warm of course.



Although we do not live in a “cold” country and don't need those knee-high boots, it's always good to have the light ones with block heels. They are comfy and look extremely stylish.

Now that you have these tips, aren't you happy it's winter?