Ekta Kapoor can bring back the dead. Don’t believe me? Look through all of her serials and you’ll discover that her minions are brought back from the dead. If not, their clones are found in villages, chewing paan and spewing uncivilized dialogues in hard-to-convince accents. Yet, the episodes keep coming in, the story keeps taking age leaps and new characters are introduced to the show. After so many track changes, you are left wondering if the makers even remember the original plot of the story! Here’s a list of inevitable plot changes in every serial, ever!

Clone Banega Crorepati:


So, the wife is dead and the husband stumbles upon her clone in a village. Or the vamp hires a clone to kill the hero and take his place. All for the love of money.

Young Forever:
For when the track of the story becomes boring, the makers decide to take a generation leap. Some actors refuse to play older versions of themselves, while others refuse to dye their hair or look even a day older than they are!
The villainous buas, chachijis, nanands and aunties have nothing else to do but plot revenge against the poor little bahu of the house. Because, why grow up?
The Epitome of Endurance:
The bahus and the betis are the true representation of all that is wrong with our country’s perception of women. Always enduring and afraid, the heroines are always insecure about their status in the family and looked upon with suspicion. They are chucked out of their own houses by scheming vamps who indulge in blackmailing, threatening and accusing them of adultery. Bahu, why you no fight?
Raaz Band Darwaaze Ka:
When clones, generation leaps, scheming and chucking the women out of the house fails to rake in enough TRPs, a new element is introduced. The perpetually-closed-and-never-spoken-about door is opened. More often than not, the build-up turns out to be more interesting than the ‘raaz’ itself. If this does not work, the channel asks the serial to pack up and a new show is introduced. Trust me, that’s no different from the rest either.
Isn’t it high time for a television revolution? Post your thoughts in the comments below

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