There is no doubt about the fact that Jaden Smith is a style icon in the making. The son of popular celebrities Will and Jada Pinkett Smith turns 18 today, and already owns a clothing/lifestyle brand called MSFTSrep and has been the face of Louis Vuitton’s spring campaign. Moreover, this celeb kid has starred in many movies and TV shows and has three albums to his name. But what he is really known for, other than his vague and elusive Twitter posts, is his crazy sense of style. He has a knack of mixing his outfits, from patterns and colors, to blending high-end brands with street fashion, while being the style guide for gender fluid dressing. His style has raised many eyebrows, but he has mostly received an approving nod from the fashion police, when it comes to being the ultimate modern-day hipster. Take a look at his wackiest fashion moments of all time:

When he started the skeletal trend
Jaden Smith skeletal suit - BookMyShow

When does Jaden wear anything ordinary? He donned this non-conventional skeletal-themed jacket for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 collection, setting a new trend in B&W suits. The metal-toed leather shoes complemented his outfit smartly.

When he wore everything from his laundry bag
Jaden SMith hoodie - BookMyShow

The trendsetter chose a bizarre ensemble while attending Justin Bieber’s Believe premiere. His over-large B&W hoodie was paired with black shorts and what looks like a nightgown hanging down from inside the hoodie. And do not miss the Rasta socks that went with the black shoes.

When his unique fashion got him on the cover of GQ Style
Jaden Smith GQ STyle - BookmyShow
Jaden’s photoshoot for GQ Style shows you how to dress like a star, even if you aren’t one. The teen is seen in many colors, patterns, and layers, creating the ultimate trippy fashion guide. The T-shirt in the middle image is from his own collection.

When his animal print fetish evolved with him
Jaden SMith - BookMyShow

Jaden has been a fan of animal prints for years now, and we have the pictures to prove it! Tiger print, zebra print, leopard print, snow leopard print – the teen has experimented with them all and on so many occasions, that only Jersey Shore’s Snooki may have worn more animal patterns than him.

When he was a trendsetter at Coachella
Jaden SMith - BookMyShow

A regular at the festival of music and wacky outfits, Jaden has unsurprisingly stunned at Coachella, too. In 2015, he paired his T-shirt dress with black shorts and a crown of roses. This year, he left one side of his dungarees, under which he wore black trousers, unbuttoned.

When he DGAF about gender stereotypes
Jaden SMith skirt - BookMyShow

Jaden proved he is smarter than the average adult when he challenged gender norms in his Vogue Korea spread. Seen in a black miniskirt, with painted nails and a flower tucked behind his ear in one image and a matching skirt and jacket in another, he represented gender fluidity in this spread.

When he took the Roman mail shirt to the next level
Jaden SMith - BookMyShow

Jaden is seen in his black T-shirt dress and black trousers on many occasions, but it is what he wears with that ensemble that grabs attention. On one occasion, it was a mail shirt that hung loose over his leather dress. If only the Roman generals had Jaden to style outfits for them, back in their days!

When his style inspired Kanye West

Kanye West is often seen as a fashion icon, but even he is inspired by the style of this teenager half his age. For one of his concerts, Kanye can be seen wearing a hoodie and trousers with a skirt that hangs loose under his hoodie. Now, where have we seen that ensemble before?

When he was the white superhero
Jaden SMith white batman - BookMyShow

Batman costumes are so mainstream. Jaden decided to add his own touch to his outfit by turning it white! He wore his special suit not only to Comic-Con, but also for the highly publicized Kim Kardashian & Kanye West wedding. Superheroes and weddings may not go together, but who’s stopping Jaden?

We wish Jaden Smith a happy birthday, and hope his style keeps rocking!
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