The 6th Jagran Film Festival is an effort to bring cinema to the movie-loving audience. A traveling event, which started this year on 1st July in Delhi and has finally reached Mumbai, its last stop. If you love cinema as much as we do, this is one festival you should not miss. More so because there still are last two days left and you can enjoy a whole range of cinema, which you would otherwise might not get to watch. And at a day pass of just Rs. 200 that lets you watch four movies of your choice, it seems like quite a bargain. And trust us it is!  

Jagran shorts are all the short films that are being screened in the festival. The show today, was a bunch of eight films shown back-to-back, covering languages like Hindi, Marathi, English and Bhojpuri. Spread across different genres and time duration, in a span of two and a half hours you get to see a variety that is rarely possible. Let’s look at these eight marvels. 
Gen X 01
When a Gen X robot awakens to find himself in a world extinct of human race, what’s his next move?
A story of a young girl and her family set in a village in Bihar. All she wants is to go and study in school, but is our society open enough to let a low caste girl get free education?
Tragedies leave behind scars and sometimes we need to re-visit those moments. Hiroshima manages that in an abstract fashion, beautifully. 
Showcases the bond between beast and man. The equation that we still don’t respect enough after years of evolution. 
An extremely interesting film about a woman stuck at home taking care of her paralytic father-in-law, who makes sounds with the teaspoon to summon her. How will she escape the constant teaspoon calls? 
The Right Glass
A two-minute-film that will leave you with a very strong message. 
The prey becomes the predator in Watermelon. An interesting tale that leaves you with a perfect end. 
A Marathi film about a small boy who overcomes hurdles to solve his village’s basic problem. 
Some of the films are brilliant film works that definitely need to be showcased. And we decided to do just that. We’ll be posting reviews of some of these films over the course of next few weeks. Watch this space for short reviews of short films and keep watching, because there’s nothing better than a colorful bunch of film lovers gathered to celebrate their love for cinema. .