The Two Kinds of People You Find in Every Movie Theater

These days there are plenty of ways to watch enjoy a movie, but nothing beats going to the theater the weekend a new movie is released. Not only do you get to enjoy the latest release in all its big screen glory, you also have fun observing the different kind of people you come across at the movies. If you get down to it, you can separate them broadly into two types. Here are the seven situations where you'll find these two kinds of people at the cinema. The next time you walk into the theater with a popcorn-filled tub, make sure you watch out for these distractions. It is fun.

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

The division starts right from the type of tickets for the movie. There are the old-fashioned movie-goers who will go buy a ticket at the venue. Then, there are the ones who buy the tickets online (at BookMyShow, of course) and walk right past the security check by just flashing their phones. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

We're certain you've encountered them. We hope you're the kind who puts their phone on the silent mode. The other kind will have their phone ringing at a crucial point in the movie and usually takes a minute to find it, and sometimes even answers the call disturbing one and all. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

You will never find the same kind of audience at movies of different genres. Everyone has their preferences and the ones watching Mission Impossible wouldn't (willingly, at least) go to see a romcom where the hero saves the damsel-in-distress and the couple lives happily ever after without blowing anything up. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

During the interval too, the separation is stark. The first are those who rush to get their popcorn and beverages. The second ones are the ones who go to the smoking area to grab a cigarette and some light conversation before the movie starts again. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

The type that watches a movie in the morning usually are students skipping college, bunking their classes and getting cheap tickets. The second are the ones with jobs who go after working hours and catch a movie with their families. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

We all know who is going to occupy the corner seats and you're right, it's a couple-in-love. The middle seats are usually the best seats to watch the movie, but the theater might as well reserve the corner seats for dates. 

types of people in movie theater - BookMyShow

Finally, just looking around the theater while you're seated you'll find these special ones. The ones who can't tear their eyes away from the screen and the ones who can't keep their eyes open. 

Which kind of theater audience are you? Let us know in the comments below.

Images provided by Utsav Patel.