Merely trimming, filing and painting your nails has now become things of the past. Flaunting long nails with artwork that expresses one's individuality and creativity is the latest style statement. Nail art has gone from being just about bold eyebrow-raising colours to so much more! Fashion enthusiasts are embracing the changing nail shapes, the floral patterns, the 3D motifs and the magnets, even. These mini masterpieces can be worn for about two weeks straight and do not require acrylic nails; naturals work just fine! 

Summer days are here again. While you're busy planning your outfits, it would be worth giving nail art a shot. If you lack inspiration but want to make your nails scream summer, scroll down for ideas :

Palm Trees – For The Beachy feel
Palm Trees - BookMyShow
Image courtesy : didoline

Floral – Because it never goes out of style
Floral - BookMyShow

Pool Ready Nails – To make you dive right in!
Pool Ready Nails - BookMyShow
Image courtesy : Manicurity

Ice Cream – What better than ice cream to beat the heat!
Ice Cream - BookMyShow

Dream Catcher – To remind you of the summer dream
Dream Catcher - BookMyShow
Image courtesy : polishandpearls

Fruit – To sweeten your summer
Fruit - BookMyShow

The best thing about nail art? You don't require a mirror to bear witness to its awesomeness!