Men’s Fashion: Style Hacks To Make You Look Taller

Tall, dark and handsome – that’s the stuff in all the books, and every page of a men’s fashion magazine. In a world of 6 ft plus models, short men often don’t have a good look book when it comes to dressing smart. But all it not out of reach! You can measure up to the style quotient so callously put together on the pages of GQ and runways. All you need to do are these few simple tricks. It is as simple as watching what you buy. 

Here are nine magic mantras that’ll help you stand tall and own it! 

Matching the separates
Match your trousers and shirts well. Always go for dark trousers and dark shoes. 

Forego the belt 
Chuck the belt! Since you aren’t breaking the outfit into two with a belt, the trousers tend to look longer, creating a false sense of height. 

Go for vertical stripes
When going for stripes, always pick vertical over horizontal. 

Lighter colours should be used for your torso and dark colors should be worn as trousers and shoes.  
Shirt length 
This is one of the most crucial points. Pick shirts that fall within an inch of your trouser waistband. Anything longer will make you look sloppy. Anything shorter, well let’s not go there.  

Trouser length
Keep the fit tapered towards the bottom. This will help you look sharp by avoiding material pooling around the shoes.

Sleeves form an important part of the outfit. You don’t want to drown in your shirts! Keep the ends around your wrist. If you’re wearing a blazer, make sure that your shirt remains on show, half an inch of the shirt cuff works well. 

Never pick a double-breasted jacket. It will not complement your looks, go with a two or single button blazer instead.

Good posture
The most important is your posture. Keep your spine straight and walk with confidence. Every outfit is bound to look great! 

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