The monsoon is almost here. While it is a relief to all of us after the scorching summer heat, it is the trickiest season in terms of fashion for men. The muddy splashes somehow never fail to cause inconvenience, especially to those who have to remain outdoors for a longer period of time. Keeping clothes clean is not easy, but what is even more difficult is deciding what to wear during the time. Some men like to dress as fashionably as possible, some just prefer being comfortable.

Keeping both in mind, we have come up with a list of men’s fashion tips/must-haves for the monsoon.

You can completely avoid denims this monsoon as they get uncomfortable when drenched. Go for mositure-wicking chinos instead! The mesh pockets allow for breathability in muggy, rainy weather, too.Chinos - BookMyShow

Shirts and t-shirts
Comfortable shirts and t-shirts, preferably of thin material, are a must-have this monsoon. The reason for this is that they dry quickly. Body hugging shirts are a complete no-no. They often stick to your body. Opt for loose-fitted shirts instead.
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Bermudas come in handy if you do not want to have your favorite pair of pants stained. These can be paired with well-fitting waterproof jackets.
Bermudas - BookMyShow

Rain shoes
We all think of how dirty our shoes/sandals are going to be when we get to work. You can’t prevent you shoes from getting dirty, but you could opt for shoes like sneakers or loafers that are easily washable. Also, it would be best if their soles have rubber grips to avoid slipping.
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A waterproof watch
Yes, you can sport a stylish water-resistant timepiece on your wrist. No, you do not have to put it away after the monsoon! It can be used even in the pool or at the beach.
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Trucker jackets
These are weather-ready have hoods that pack easily into the collar. They also have a retractable, extended tail that can help cover you up in the rain – useful, comfy and trendy! You may want to try these.
Trucker Jackets - BookMyShow

You use an umbrella to keep your body dry, but what about the laptop in your bag? You could go for a tote that is lightweight and weather-resistant for storage.
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Get monsoon-ready and don’t forget to share!