Over three seasons, Netflix’s Narcos told the gripping tale of the rise and fall of the Medellín and Cali drug cartels. Not only did it evolve to become one of the best shows on Netflix, but one of the best crime dramas of all time. Who knew that a show that was almost primarily in Spanish would become a global sensation? Everyone has heard about the drug war and the cartels, but Narcos wasn’t afraid to go into the brutal details. After we saw Pablo Escobar being gunned to death and the Cali Cartel scrambling, it was hard to tell whether anything that came after would be able to reach the same level of excellence. After all, how do you top making the man who used literal stacks of money to fuel a fire a sympathetic character and the cartel that managed to take his place? But don’t worry, Narcos: Mexico has removed all our doubts and soon you’ll know why.

Narcos: Mexico is an all-new spin-off that takes the action to the U.S. neighbor. You don’t need to have seen the previous seasons to enjoy this as it’s a completely new series, but fans of the first one will only be impressed by the connecting threads between the two. Instead of Pablo Escobar or the Cali Cartel vs. agent Javier Peña, we will now see the crazy story of Félix Gallardo vs. agent Kiki Camarena who will be played by Diego Luna and Michael Peña respectively. With all new characters and an even more gripping storyline, it has already won the hearts of many viewers and critics. But if you need to be convinced to see it on Netflix, we have five reasons that will have you craving to see exactly what goes down in Narcos: Mexico in no time.

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