“Well, some things are more important than fun. I’m Ash the Chosen One! This is serious; I gotta be responsible!

This is not just a quote! This is a propaganda! If you have heard this before, you can qualify yourself as a Pokémon fan. C’mon admit it, we all have watched it at one point in our life. Whether you have been watching the  anime or collecting the poke cards; at some point you would’ve been hit by the Pokémon epidemic. Those unevolved cute creatures or those super evolved destructive Pokémon, we all have a favorite.
Adventurous Ash travels around the world to capture and battle fictional creatures, all of whom love fighting without being injured. It’s all about wholesome entertainment, that made this a run away hit.
All the moments portrayed in the series are overtly positive about human nature. As it was already shown in the series, red-tapism would peak in countries based on the Pokémon type. The People would exploit these creatures for military and scientific research. Ash’s adventure, in pokeworld, is an era of peace. Kids are given Pokémon at an early age to befriend them and to team up with them for sports battle, because the previous generations religiously used them for war and profit. Team Rocket is the antagonist because they represent how the world used to be.
But what if these creatures existed in the real world ? Can they become man’s best friend or will they destroy nature? Let’s find out.
The Birthday Gift
What’s amazing?
In the sensational series, Ash the wonder boy gets a Pokémon when he turns 10. Now, not many get this outstanding honor to raise a Pokémon. You see in poke land, not everybody gets to be a Pokémon trainer. There are vigilant cops like officer Jenny, there are helpful medical specialists like nurse Joy, there are plumbers as well. But only a few get the opportunity to train pokemon. Children would be chosen to train the Pokémon. No doubt, this would teach them be a sport. Countries will boast of Pokémon championships, Pokelympics and common wealth Pokémon battleship.
What isn’t amazing?
We live in a world where protection of  kids is of utmost importance. Imagine sending a bunch of  naive kids with strange creatures to trot the world in search of battles. These children might also be subjected to television copyrights. Channels making the Pokémon journey into scripted ‘reality’ shows, where they would be judged by votes and a celebrity judge. There are other terrifying things around. There is a high chance that these children might be kidnapped by some balloons. Yes, balloon Pokémon Drifloon kidnap kids with their stringy arms. Beware of the ‘Signposts for wandering sprits’.
Pokémon everywhere
What’s amazing
Pokeland seems like a fun place to be in, with all those alien creatures used for entertainment purpose. The most amazing thing about Pokémon is enslaving them. Let’s think about man’s history with taming animals. He will take use of these creatures, as long as they don’t present any harm. Making use of them will also boost the economy. Imagine how Pikachu can curb the electricity problem with its thunderbolt, isn’t that enough to light up a whole area? There is Raichu’s thunderbolt attack to help solve a whole city’s electricity problem. Magnemite will also help you charge your smart phone with its tackle attack.
What isn’t amazing?
Pokémon are described as insanely powerful species who exhibit "Physics-defying" traits. It would be devastating to see them destroy everything around with their electric attacks, fire balls and water torrents. They will also turn against us mortal beings and smash us into oblivion. Furthermore, these animals exhibit almost no connection to the food chain, in the series. This might be the opposite in the real world. These species may almost destroy the existing animals leaving zoos and sanctuaries empty. There might even be an evil scientist who might drive a wedge between the Stubborn Charizard and his master. Lure the beast promising him superpowers and steal his powers instead? Sort of like the Doctor Doom in Fantastic 4.
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Stress-free Life
Why it’s awesome?
Pokémon would be the one stop substitute for the otherwise depleting sources of non-renewable energy. Electric type Pokémon can generate high amount of energy. Remember the scenario in the series where Pikachu blasts Team Rocket who in turn end up with  muscle damage and superficial burns. Pikachu and its evolved version Raichu, both have energy stored up in its pink cheeks & deliver high voltage electric force when necessary. This would definitely put an end to the debates of the Kudankulam power plant. Japan need not continue to work on the Fukushima power plant as well. There wouldn’t two-hour power cuts in India. Every village will have electricity. If there is one thing that is necessary then that would be power stations where scientists can work with floating electric type Pokémon like Voltorb, Electabuzz, Magneton, Electrode, Zapdos, or Ampharos to energize these Pokémon.
The average flash is equal to the power of a lightning bolt. The resilient-water type Pokémon like Squirtle, Bulbasor and Blastoise’s high speed water jets would help in the hydro electric power, Blastoise can be employed at fire stations, their rocket canon power can sieve through the toughest wall there is.  How about the tiresome journey to work? If you have the problem of getting to work every morning stuck in massive traffic jams, worry no more.
The Pokémon will transport you anywhere you want, provided you’re not blind folded and forced to choose Rapidash, who is completely on fire. And you don’t have to feel indebted to them, you also have a duty to carry these Pokémon in poke balls. The best of all Pokémon are the ones which would directly help the environment those  are the grass-type Pokémon. Bulbasaur will take charge of the project ‘Eco Green’ where every concrete housing project must have a green half-acre lawn. This green Pokémon can also be a farmer’s best friend, it can survive without eating a single morsel mainly because of a seed on its back. Bayleef, Chikorita and Bellsprout can assist the farmers in planting and irrigation. Chikorita has qualities like a futuristic air freshner wafting a pleasant scent while checking humidity and temperature. If your ideal Pokémon for a holiday is to sunbathe, the Chikorita and your chick.. err I mean your girlfriend.. will flood your Instagram newsfeed in their tropical getaway. This pokemon loves to sunbathe.
The most important and skillful-type Pokémon are rock type Pokémon who can smash the hardest granite. They can be used by archaeologists to explore beneath the surface of the earth. They are also the hardest Pokémon to train. You must have seen how hard it was for Brock to trap a Pokémon like Oinx. Once captured they need to be trained to dig for specific minerals like Gold and Diamonds. A Graveler will be crunch-feasting its way through the rocks while excavating the most mysterious caves. Which also means this cuts down the cost of labour. Pokemon like Farfetched (will be best served with the leek it often carries in its mouth), Psyduck and Magikarp will be the most-favored Pokemon for consumption. The hunt for other species of delectable Pokémon will probably be narrowed down by Bear Grylls.
A Woman’s best friend
That one Pokemon to qualify as a women’s support system has to be Machamp. In an age where women feel vulnerable and threatened, Machamp is probably the living savior. It is a strong, powerful looking Pokémon. Sort of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stallone of poke world, if they were to make the expendables starring Pokémon, this is one guy to root for. Women can most probably take self defense classes from this macho dude. He fist moves so fast that he can launch 125 punches per second per arm which means it’s four ruggedly developed arms can launch 500 hits per two seconds?! Every woman must definitely take classes from him and punch shady men.
The leading ladies in cinema can flaunt a cute looking Eevee as her pet. This pet is the epitome of amazement, it proves Darwin’s theory of evolution is fundamentally wrong. It evolves into so many Pokémon.  There is also the cuddly Jigglypuff who will render a soulful lullaby and drift you in a world of dreams. A word of caution to take a look at the mirror to wash off those permanent sketch marks from an angry Jigglypuff. You can also cheer yourself up by raising a Togepi, the ultimate happiness Pokemon!
Why it isn’t awesome?
Some Pokémon as discussed above can be captured and made to work for our selfish reasons but what if they are untamable monsters? Some terrifying creatures pose ecological threats, while others come to haunt you. We list you 6 monstrous Pokémon that you should never encounter:
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6. Gastly & Haunter (Ghost/Poison Pokémon)
The world will be haunted by the horrid, ghastly, scary Pokémon. Gastly and Hauter could very well demonstrate a live version of the scariest horror film. Imagine Malevolent spirits existing  and haunting people. To be specific one lick from Haunter will cause death, and the smell of toxin from gastly will choke you to death.
5. Tentacruel (water type)
This is a big mighty jellyfish with 80 tentacles which can stretch to any size and ensures it kills a large number of its victims.
4. Garchomp (Dragon/ Ground type)
If you send you Oinx to explore a cave, you have to warn him about the legendary Garchomp Pokemon who dwell in the dark corners of the cave. These pseudo-legendary creatures have appendages that resemble hammerhead sharks. They are probably the monstrous version of the sharks. Perhaps what makes Garchomp the most frightening is their ability to fly at supersonic jet speed. If Spielberg ever decides to recreate Jaws, it would be titled Garchomp- the land sharks.
3. Gyarados (Water type)
This is the Lochness monster of the poke world. If you manage not to make a meal out of a powerless Magikarp and wait till it evolves, you might end up with an immensely powerful Gyarados. In the real world they will go on a destructive rampage, causing several damage. If this is not bad enough, Gyarados flies from place to place with its terrifying temper.
2. Ditto ( Normal type)
Do you remember Newton’s first law of motion?  Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. Well, this law doesn’t apply to Ditto. It can become anything it wants any time it wants; no external force applied. It can take any form it wants. What is the threat? It might trick you and replace your family. It might replace all the humans on Earth and rule the planet. Isn’t this creepy?
1. Malamar (Psychic Pokemon)
If you thought Drowzee and Hypno are the only Pokemon to use their incredible ability to hypnotize, then you certainly haven’t heard of the hypnotic predator Malamar. It initially lures its predators with its hypnotic power, and later grabs the victim with its tentacles and finishes it off secreting digestive fluids. I would personally flag this off as the vicious vampire Pokemon. This is specifically referred to as the most evil Pokemon in the poke world.
The poke world might turn into a fantasy-adventure land. It would be an exciting adventure to get transported into this thrilling world. I would love to go on an adventure capturing and training the unique species. To engage in no-holds-barred fights where I would be categorized purely as a trainer and a future Pokemon master. What if this is real and Pokemon have been living on the Earth for centuries. What if humans are really the invaders on an alien Pokemon planet? Let us know your views.

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