The festival of lights is finally here and there's excitement everywhere. While it's that time of the year when you meet, greet and celebrate, along with the celebration comes in a lot of responsibility. Shopping for gifts and cleaning the house is just the beginning. The major trouble comes in the form of guests. What more? Unexpected guests and no snacks to offer. While we can't help you with all your cleaning and shopping (or your unexpected guests), we can definitely give you quick recipe ideas to save you from all the humiliation. Here's five under-15-minute recipes that could save your Diwali this year!

Dry Fruit Mix

Dry fruits and Diwali go hand in hand. Moreover, who doesn't love dry fruits? Just mix them all and put it in a fancy bowl.  This one is under 30 second recipe.

Kurkure Bhel

Do you remember the Juhu Chawla Kurkure Bhel? Don't worry if you don't. Just mix diced onions and tomatoes with a pack of Kurkure, sqeeze lemon and mix. Your Kurkure Bhel is ready. It's that simple!

Potato Wedges

Cut potatoes, add salt and fry them till crispy and golden brown. Your potato wedges are ready! Serve with ketchup, tartar sauce, mayo or just like that. 

Tomato and Cheese Open Toast

Add Tomato and a slice of cheese on bread. Sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes and toast it in the oven. It's literally just that much to make a yummy snack.

Open Cracker

Mix cream cheese, corn and paprika in a bowl and evenly spread on cracker biscuits. Your starter is ready!

Now, are these not time saving? Happy Diwali, guys!