Are you a fan of blood and gore? Does watching bloodied organs, disfigured body parts, growing tumors, and new absurd diseases excite you? Then those medical shows on TV do you no good. However hard they try to show the reality, everything on those shows is filmed and rehearsed and scripted. Although those shows had some really gorgeous-looking doctors (read Grey's Anatomy), who we don't mind gawking at, they definitely lacked the punch of actual hospital happenings. Yes, House was a pretty good series, but nothing can beat the excitement and thrill of an emergency room. You have to admit, reality television is always fun. So here is a list of medical television reality shows that were aired, which showcased blood, guts and even death.

Trauma: Life in the ER 

This medical-based television reality show formerly ran on TLC from 1997 to 2002. It showcased the emergency department of various hospitals in the USA. Every week featured a different hospital and a different group of doctors. It was considered to be one of the most controversial shows on TLC because of its violent, graphic content. The show was pulled off the air in 2002 because shooting the episodes was expensive and new medical laws forbade recording before the patient or their kin gave the necessary permissions. 


Untold Stories of the ER

This show presented the bizarre cases of the ER. Though it is a dramatized version, where certain portions are re-enacted, it shows the most craziest and unusual cases to enter the ER. A fun watch, we must say.


Boston Med

This highly acclaimed series has won several awards follows the life of the doctors as well as the patients at three hospitals in Boston: Brigham and Women's, Children's Hospital Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital. Each episode showed the struggles of the doctors trying to treat the patients.


Mystery Diagnosis

This television docudrama series followed patients with unusual diseases and the doctors' pursuit for identifying the diseases. In 2009, Mystery Diagnosis was named the program partner for organizing Rare Disease Day, as this show mainly focused on obscure diseases and their treatments. You can visit their YouTube channel for videos.

So comment below and let us know of other medical reality TV shows, that are as interesting as the ones above.