We all watch movies, the reasons might be different, but everyone loves a trip to the movie theater and catch a nice flick. They are our escape from the busy routine lives we live. Now we all simply love the comfort a theater provides and makes our movie experience an absolute pleasure. However, there are certain things one should keep in mind whilst watching a movie. It has nothing to do with your upbringing or class, just some basic etiquette you should follow so that this experience is as pleasing to others as it is to you. Take a look:

1. Do not talk loudly 
We understand that movie theaters are huge and between all the background music, it is tough to communicate. Just so you know, theaters are meant for watching movies, not discussing your life. Do that over a chai! Keep a check on your voice level.
2. Keep it in your pants 
Before your dirty mind thinks about suing us, chill! We are talking about mobile phones. It is really disturbing when someone uses their cell phone during a feature. The bright light just kills the mood. So next time, keep it in your pants!
3. Keep your hands and legs to yourself
The whole idea of paying a huge amount and watching a movie is to avail the luxurious facilities cinemas provide. This doesn’t mean you stretch yourself. Know your boundaries and please stay in your seat.
4. Block the view
Unless you have a small bladder which needs to visit the loo every 5 mins, don’t keep moving. It’s the most annoying thing!
5. Add your own dialogues 
We all think we are dialogue writing gurus. After every line, there is someone who passes an oversmart comment trying to be funny. It’s a request, the only joke you’re making is of yourself.
So here are manners we think one should follow in a movie theater. Got your own set of rules? Write them down.