It started with Cinderella, in a fairy tale. The footwear fever caught on and never left. Years later, we were reintroduced to this febrile joy by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. It is no secret.Women love shoes. And, even if imperceptibly so, we know shoes love us back.

Ignore the boys who roll their eyes as you salivate over the online catalog of the latest must-have wedges and pumps. They don’t get it. It is science. Psychologists say that there indeed is such a thing as "shopper’s high". Purchase of shoes releases copious amounts of the feel-­good neurotransmitter, Dopamine. Not just that, buying those Loubotin’s and Jimmy Choo’s, actually stimulates an area in our brain’s pre-frontal cortex, called the "collecting spot". Whether we perceive them so or not, shoes are after all collectors’ items. Not to mention, the evolutionary

advantage associated with height. Heels make us taller, and thus, also make us feel more powerful and confident.

It is a love saga that is not likely to end anytime soon. Why wait? Know your shoes!

Black Pumps

This one is a no-­brainer. You know what they say, ‘Keep your head, standards and heels high’. A good pair of black pumps can do wonders for any outfit.

Ankle­-strap sandals

If you are feeling short, and want to look taller, don a pair of these. They make your legs look longer and up your style quotient.

Ankle boots

Wear these with a skirt or a pair of jeans and give your look an instant, enviable edge.

Ballet flats

They are fun, girly and most of all, comfortable. Perfect for a pleasant day, and some aimless wandering.

Short­-stacked heels

The 90’s are back and how! These heels will make you feel taller and sexier, but still let you jump around without making you fall splat on the ground.

Platform wedges

There is something amazingly eclectic about platform wedges. They make you look feminine, but not overtly so. Go buy a pair if you wish to pull off the gamine look.

Casual sneakers

Because, you cannot always be dressy. Sometimes all a girl wants is to put on a pair of loafers as she juggles her day.

Flat sandals

Summers in India can be hellish, but, that’s no reason to not feel and look pretty. A pair of flat sandals is perfect for a stylish, summer day.

The Cinderella Syndrome is not likely to be cured anytime soon. In fact, we are pretty sure we

don’t want it to be cured. Money may not buy us happiness, but it can buy us shoes, and we all know it is pretty much the same thing! Let us get grabby and shop-­happy!