Packing less is not everyone’s cup of tea. The lines are often blurry when it comes to what you can and can’t do without. For those who travel frequently and probably live out of a suitcase for days, here are some of the essentials that you will need in order to  save you from what could cause potential humiliation. Keep these essentials close to you in order to remain prim-and-proper and minty fresh while on the go. 

Q tips
These tiny magic wands save any smudges and can take care of minor corrections in your make-up. Wearing long hours of make up may require regular touch-ups and Q-tips are an easy use and throw way to go.

Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo has been the recent saving grace for sweaty ordeals and untimely hair washes. Just spray the product on your scalp to maintain your hairdo and avoid an oily scalp.

Lip balms are a great and convenient way to keep that pout well hydrated. Translucent lip balms can serve as a lip stain and a better quality would remain for longer. A travel pack or sachet of moisturizer keeps your skin healthy and well-scented. 

Hand sanitizer
Unconsciously touching and wiping your face can cause your skin to break out if hygiene is not maintained. Use a hand sanitizer or wet-wipes to ensure that your hands stay clean and germ-free.

Changing several pairs of shoes can cause unwanted shoe bites and make walking in that perfect pair of stilettos a nightmare. Use band-aid on the tight spots to protect and relieve yourself from blisters.

Blotting paper
Although this may seem uncommon, blotting paper is a saviour when it comes to saving yourself from a foundation meltdown. Just dab your skin with some of the absorbent material. Blotting papers for the skin are available coated with rice powder and other materiasl that allow the make up to stay matte.

Mint and perfume
However well you may be dressed, odor can be a big downer. Always keep easy pop-in mints, or a mouth spray ready to freshen up after binging on meal. Roller-ball perfumes are great to keep the sensitive areas away from foul smell. A travel-sized perfume spray would be extremely handy in times of need.
-By Anushka Dias