If you thought you cannot wear all your make up at once, you probably need to reconsider that. The hottest trend – the rainbow is taking the world and social media by storm. If there is one thing the beauty world is losing its mind over, it has to be rainbows. Rainbows are the new glitter – they are everywhere.

Although, this attention-grabbing trend might be for the more daring ones among us, but it is fast becoming a ‘must-do’ among the fashion elite. Although fiddly, rainbows, when embraced have results that are pretty cool.

Not convinced? Have a look at these:

Eye Lashes
You may be accustomed to classic black mascara for everyday use, but the look of rainbow-hued lashes is a great way to amp up your eye makeup game. In order to bring attention to the colorful lashes, stick to nude, glossy lips!
Lashes - BookMyShow

Hair Color
Rainbow-hued hair has been embraced by celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. This style statement is a colorful response to granny hair.
Hair - BookMyShow

Want to try this? But without the commitment? Use hair color sticks/hair chalk. They can be washed out with just one shampoo and do not cause damage.
Hair Chalk - BookMyShow

Rainbow eyebrows are not exactly new, but are definitely gaining popularity among festival-goers. This trend has even managed to trickle down to everyday style.

If you are not confident enough to rock the full rainbow, try only about one or two colors from your palette, to begin with.
Brows - BookMyShow

Prism, the eye-catching palette, allows you to paint a rainbow on your face and is unexpectedly stunning. It features an assortment of shimmery pigments which can be used individually or all at once. The best thing about it? It can also be used as an eyeshadow!
Highlighter - BookMyShow

Well, fake freckles have made their way into the fashion world. And now their colorful counterparts. Get ready to add a splash of color to your face. Just use a large pore sponge and some liquid lipstick!
Freckles - BookMyShow

Nail Paint
Rainbow Nails are absolutely worth trying, especially when you want to match them with your colorful eye makeup.
Nail Paint - BookMyShow

For those of us who continue to believe ‘black is the new black’, it is time we use something whimsical to mix into our wardrobes. We’re lucky that some of our  most loved designers have incorporated the rainbow into outfits.

Sweater - BookMyShow

Valentino - BookMyShow
Jacket - BookMyShow

Rainbow footwear take your outfits to the next level. Go grab a pair to walk in style!
Aquazurra Shoes - BookMyShow
Sandals - BookMyShow
This one is probably one of the most unusual of all things rainbow. Rainbow food has gone from just funfetti to just about everything else. If rainbow-hued outfits and make up wasn’t enough to satisfy your color lust, check these out:
Latte - BookMyShow
Waffle - BookMyShow
Pasta - BookMyShow
Pizza - BookMyShow
Go live your unicorn dreams!