Splurge Saturdays – Take your audio game to the next level (Part 2)

Before reading this, make sure you check out Part 1 of this article, where we discussed high-resolution digital audio players that are available (like FiiO, HiFiMan, Astell & Kern, Sony Walkman, iBasso). While the players offer the highest quality audio output, one will obviously require equally decent headphones in order to make the most of the quality on offer.

Let`s talk about a few differences between headphones and earphones. Headphones are bulky and not as portable as earphones. Since they cover a part of your head they can also interfere with your hair, glasses and make your ears hot. But, what they do offer is high-quality sound, especially when it comes to bass. Earphones on the other hand are lighter and very portable, making it the preferred choice for runners. Some are ‘in-ear‘ and often provide a noise-cancelling feature too. While they do offer clear sound, it might not be as good as with headphones. There are also sports earphones, which come with a handle for you to hook on to the ear; as well as bone conduction earphones that conduct sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull. With so many variants available, here’s a list of ten for you to choose from and decide on the best ones to splurge on:

Shure – SE846
INR 98,300

AKG – K702
INR 17,999

Aftershokz – Bluez 2
INR 9,500

V-Moda Crossfade M-100
INR 21,990

Audeze – LCD-3
INR 1,34,900

Sennheiser – PMX 686G Sports
INR 7,990

RHA – T10I
INR 14,999

Sony – MDR-100 ABN
INR 21,990

HiFiMan – HE100
INR 2,09,990

Oppo – PM-1
INR 89,999