Admit it, we have all been tempted to treat ourselves to a designer handbag. Especially, if we have been eyeing it for the longest time. You may have saved enough for it and would be more than ready to get your hands on the new fashion item. Some of you may head straight to a retail store, while those of you looking for a bargain would look out for the item online. While the latter may seem rather convenient, remember there are many who are eager to sell a decent replica of the bag.

To avoid being cheated, it may help if you can learn to differentiate fake from authentic. Here is a guide:

A big name would never use rough textured leather. The brand would use high-quality material only. The quality of the leather can be determined by a scratch test.


Pay attention to detail
An item produced by a famous brand is often checked for defects. Ensure that you check the quality of the metal clasps, buttons, locks, zipper pulls and plates. As a sign of authenticity, most bags will have a serial number that is difficult to remove and their zippers will have a logo on the underside.

Brand name/logo
When looking into the other details of a bag, make sure that you have a look at one of the most important things: the brand name or logo. While an authentic handbag has the brand name beautifully embossed, that on a fake would be stuck or printed.

Also, fake handbags would have brand names misspelt or even printed in different fonts.

Distinct characteristics
Before you part with your cash, a little research would help. Most brands have distinct characteristics. For example, brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Fendi are known for their monogram patterns.

In a Louis Vuitton 'Speedy', if the print starts with the brand logo it ends with it too.

In other cases, such as that in Prada, a perfectly matching color for the lining and exterior material is used.

Where you buy them
To avoid landing up paying for a fake, make sure that you only go to an authentic retailing store. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT blindly trust any online portal offering the bag of your choice at a cheaper price.

We hope this helps!