By now most of us are well aware of the fact that high-end cosmetic brands are often counterfeited. What is even more unfortunate is that these knock-offs find their way on to shelves of various stores. Imagine getting tricked into buying a fake. Upsetting, is it not? Besides, it can also be harmful to one's skin.

If you're worried about buying fake copies of your favorite brands, you can relax. There are various ways in which you can actually tell an original from a fake. We have compiled a few tips that could actually keep your cosmetic collection free of counterfeits. Here you go:

Shade of the product
Fake lipsticks, eye shadow and powders are often made in shades that are not used in originals. Before you buy cosmetics, visit the manufacturer's site to check for authentic colors.Shade - BookMyShow

Check manufacturing details
Before you buy makeup, make sure you check that the serial number on the product matches that on the box. Also, genuine products usually have additional information in several languages. Should the pack have very little information about the product, chances are it isn't authentic.Manufacturing - BookMyShow

Pay attention to the packaging
Some fakes are really hard to spot. As repititive as it may seem, visiting the brand's website always comes in handy. Even the slightest mismatch in the font, color or size is a sign of a fake.


The other thing you need to keep in mind is the weight of the product. If it feels light as a feather, you can be sure it is a counterfeit.
Packaging - BookMyShow

Smell and consistency
Authentic matte cosmetics should not have strange substances in them. Creamy cosmetics, on the other hand, should not separate.

Fake lipsticks often have imperfections and look unattractive when used.

In the case of mascaras, a lot depends on their odor. An authentic mascara usually has a very light pleasant odor. A fake on the other hand, is either heavily perfumed or has bad odor.
Consistency - BookMyShow


Where you buy them
It may be a little shocking to know that sometimes even large stores sell knock-offs. To avoid buying a fake, make sure you visit the manufacturer's website to check the list of retailers where you can purchase originals.

Also, products selling at a very high discount could be a sign of them being fake.
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We hope this helps!