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Succulent Nail Art Takes Over Instagram

Just when we thought we had seen it all in terms of nail trends, the new succulent nail art trend made its way to our Instagram feeds. This bizarre trend is undoubtedly the wildest and the most aesthetically interesting nail art trend so far. It involves transplanting actual plant life onto your nails. Yes, you heard that right! The low-maintenance plant has gone from terrariums, wedding bouquets and jewelry to living nail art. Gone are the days when one could flaunt neon colors, french manicures, flat floral designs and 3D embellishments. Succulent nails could easily give each of these a run for their money.

Australian artist Roz Borg, known for creating succulent terrariums and jewelry, started this trend when she shared an image of the unusual nail art on her Instagram.
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In order to create the look, Borg applies baby succulents to false nails using a floral adhesive. Once dry, the false nails are stuck onto the real nails using nail glue.
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Fun fact: The floral adhesive allows the plant to grow while on the nails.

Just when it begins to chip, you can easily peel the succulents off and plant them so they can continue to grow.
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Agreed, this can be time-consuming and isn't exactly practical, however, the results are jaw-dropping. Don't you think?