She entered the business in 1999, with her debut album Christina Aguilera and she was a complete package. A fresh face with a powerhouse voice to go along with it. Her style was that of a typical pop-star at that time, with a cropped top and loose fitting pants. Over the years, she has gone through radical changes and the best thing about her is that she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks. She can sing one note and you’ll be blown away, and whatever said, the girl is beautiful! So it’s time we paid tribute to the singer for her awesome work and looks, too. On her 36th birthday, let’s take a look at the magical journey of her fashion transition over time and wish her loads of luck and success.

1999The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowChristina’s debut video for her hit single, ‘Genie In A Bottle’, pretty much set the tone for her wardrobe for the next few years: coyly sexy.

2001The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShow2001 was all about braids for Christina. So, there are braids and then there braids of braids. That’s what Christina rocked in blonde, blue, purple and many other colours.

2002The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowAs she released more singles and went on tour in 2002-03, her image changed again. She dyed her hair jet black and took on a spray tan for a more sexual image than before with the nickname “Xtina”.

2005-08The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowShe is 26 now and she is getting married. Befitting her womanly status, Christina decided to pay a tribute to the classy and stylish Marilyn Monroe and even stole her beauty mark.

The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowIn her video for ‘Candyman’, she looked cute to boot but she also couldn’t resist getting into her previous persona, slipping into a latex, belly-baring sailor outfit for one scene.

2010The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowLet’s be real: 2010 was a bad year for the singer. In her effort to re-brand herself, Christina thought she had struck gold with her new album, ‘Bionic’. Met with mixed reviews by critics and fans, no amount of style could keep Bionic in the charts. On top of that, Burlesque, her feature film also got thrashed by critics. Oh and if that wasn’t bad enough, she also filed for divorce.

2011The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowAfter her arrest for public intoxication in early 2011, we saw yet another change in Xtina’s style and appearance. When she joined the judges on the panel of The Voice, she started to appear in more unflattering, crazy outfits, random hairstyles and OTT make-up.

2014-15The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowSince her split with her husband and leaving The Voice, Aguilera seems to have re-evaluated her style, only for the better. She has lost the heavy make-up look and opted for a more natural look along with a simple blonde wavy hairstyle. We think the transformation is good and are in love with the natural beauty.

Valentine’s Day 2014 was big for Christina since the pop diva announced her engagement to boyfriend Matt Rutler on social media.  Since then, the couple have been spotted wearing in-sync outfits and looking very much in love.

2016The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowAt the 5th Annual Baby2Baby Gala, the couple co-ordinated black outfits. Christina wore a black jumpsuit with studded heels and poker-straight blonde hair. They looked happy and were spotted posing for several cute photos.

The Style Evolution of a Popstar: Christina Aguilera- BookMyShowAlthough her birthday is today, the singer has been celebrating it since last weekend. She called friends over and also had a special request for Kylie Jenner. Kylie dressed up as Christina for Halloween this year, and Aguilera loved the look so much that she requested Kylie to repeat the same outfit for her birthday celebration. Kylie looked exactly like the pop-diva when she rocked the ultimate “Dirrty” costume. When Kylie Jenner emulates your style, you know you have been doing it right.

Let’s hope Xtina sticks to her simple and classy, less-is-more approach as she continues to evolve her style. Wishing the successful singer a very Happy Birthday.