Nail art is becoming increasingly popular and we have seen quite a few unique trends over the years like crackle nails, grinch nails, succulent nails, and so on. The latest game-changing nail art that could easily shake up the beauty word is the wire nail trend. The technique involves taking pieces of wire and bending them into freeform shapes.

The mastermind behind the innovative look, Eun Kyung Park, is also the woman behind glass nails, diamond nails and gemstone nails. Suddenly, Eun makes it seem that wire, of all things, is shaping up to be the beauty accessory you probably already had in your life, but never truly appreciated. She revealed in an interview that the idea of this ingenious manicure actually came from the making of neon signs.

In order to create this look, thin wire, that can be easily manipulated using tweezers, is used. After a design is created, the wire and studs are placed atop clean nail polish. The nails are then left to harden under UV light. The final step involves swiping of gel top coat in order to make the style last.
Wire Nail - BookMyShow

The designs that take shape include intricately shaped wire ones laid right on the nail. Some are shaped for an extravagant style, others are absolutely minimalistic.
Intricately shaped - BookMyShow
Minimal - BookMyShow

Some feature the wire tracing out the natural curvature of the nail, which is then styled to look as though it is outlining a window.
Window - BookMyShow

One could also use it to line the top of the nail, similar to the way a reverse french manicure looks.
Reverse French Manicure - BookMyShow

For those looking to emulate the latest trend, Park advises them to be wary of the sharp ends of the wire.