Bathrooms differ, but only as far as mats, shower curtains, bathtubs, waste baskets and wall colors go. One thing that is common in all bathrooms is the fact that they are all wet, humid and have variable temperature. This kind of a typical bathroom environment can easily become a breeding ground for germs. Moreover, it isn't particularly ideal for a lot of your belongings, even if you think those items belong in the bathroom.

We have made a list of seven things, which many of you store in the bathroom that could actually be better off elsewhere. Here they are:

Some of us cannot help but keep our favorite books in the bathroom. However, this is not a very wise thing to do. It is simply because the humidity in the room could damage paper.

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Razor Blades
Exposure to dampness and humidity could cause your extra razor blades to oxidize and rust even before you could use them. The in-use razor could be dried after contact with water to prolong its life.

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You may want to store your perfume bottles in the place you get ready in, however, this isn't what you should be doing. From the very first spray, perfume begins to degenerate. Humidity and heat just speeds up the process.

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Irrespective of what kind of makeup you wear, know that it should all be stored at room temperature and definitely not in the bathroom. Again, it is the humidity that spoils these products, in turn reducing their life span.

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Yeah, the “medicine” cabinet. But, do not be fooled. The truth is, the heat from the shower could make your medicines less-effective and cause them to expire sooner.

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The environment in the bathroom could cause your jewelry to tarnish. Keep your precious items in a cool and dry place instead.

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Singing along to our favorite track as we shower, yes, we all love that! But, keeping appliances that aren't designed for the bathroom can cause damage.

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