If something happened and you didn’t tweet about it, did it even really happen?

This modern-day saying has never been truer than it ever was in 2015. Social media was abuzz with breaking global news (Zayn leaving 1D), celebrating change (#LoveWins) and solidarity (#PrayForParis). That’s not all though. There were also some difficult questions posed, and some hilarious gifs that we still can’t stop laughing at. 

As we bid adieu to 2015 and look forward to another year of hilarious memes, it’s time for a blast from the (recent) past. Here are some of the funniest social media trends of the year:


"What color is this dress?" became the most pressing question since "What came first – the chicken or the egg?" when this photo made its way to the internet:

While some people swore it was black and blue, others were convinced that it was gold and white. And so began the debate! In case you missed it, the dress was confirmed to be a "royal blue" lace bodycon dress. As it turns out, some people’s brains have a blue bias and others don’t, which led to all the chaos.

Hotline Bling

If there’s one singer whose music is the ultimate guilty pleasure, it’s Drake. Whether or not they admit it, everyone has sang a Drake song in the shower while thinking of someone. When Hotline Bling hit the airwaves, we just couldn’t get enough. But the music video took the love for the song to an all-new level. Drake’s "dad dance" had a lot of potential… for photoshop enthusiasts.

Dangal? More Like Dung-al

We were all excited to know about Aamir Khan‘s next release after the blockbuster, PK. But in true Aamir fashion, no one could have predicted just how "unique" the Dangal poster turned out to be. Click here to check out some of the funniest reactions to the Dangal poster.

Hello, It’s Adele

After what seemed like an eternity, Adele came back with a bang! Her newest song, Hello broke records across the board. The track also inspired some of the funniest memes we’ve seen in a while. From Super Mario to Lionel Richie, no one was spared!


Anyone who attended Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour – or has an internet connection, for that matter – saw the songstress revamp her image with a little bit of help from her "squad". But some of the #SquadGoals inspired by Taylor’s crew will change how you view friendship. Here is one of the funniest and most envy-inspiring #SquadGoals:

Poot Lovato

We’ve all taken a bad picture or two, and celebrities are no exception. But Demi Lovato nearly broke the internet with an unflattering photo of her. The internet decided to name the girl in the picture "Poot", the twin that Demi kept locked up in a basement all her life. Though we did feel bad for Demi, we couldn’t help but chuckle. The worst part? Time Magazine named Poot one of 2015’s most influential fictional characters!