Slumber parties are not only for teenagers but also for adults. If it's been a while since the time you met your girls and had a good night out session that you deserve, you need to take time out for yourself and host a grown-up slumber party. This means a mix of friends, drinks, snacks and loads of gossip on the table. Once in a while every girl deserves some good time with her girlfriends and update about each other's "current affairs", crushes and many more things. And that cannot just happen over the phone.You have to meet them in person and explain every tiny detail because they will surely have their advice, opinions and theories, which you definitely need. For that to happen, grown up slumber party is your savior. We are here with some tips you could use.


Cool pyjamas to wear

picmonkey-collageGet in your cool comfortable pyjamas for the night. If you are looking for something fancy and different, you could go for the classic striped set, which will give you the vibes of pure 90s childhood or the best ones are the cartoon printed pyjamas. They are too cute to be just for sleeping.      


Snacks you could binge on
Watching a movie, playing games or just sitting around talking, snacks and cocktails are important. So if you are hosting one, make sure you store in snacks to binge on for the party. Potato chips and nachos are just too mainstream. It would be nice if the snacks are homemade and we are sure your efforts will be appreciated by your friends. Not to worry, here are some quick and easy snacks that you can make. 


Pinata as a stressbuster


Get kiddish again, or better yet, destress with a pinata filled with goodies. And goodies could be anything you want. Anything. 


Coloring books for adults

enhanced-25951-1420419158-1After you are a few drinks down, try coloring books for adults. Sounds more than fun. Aye? So do drink and color! 


Movies to watch


You've called in your girls and these movies have got to be on your list – Mean Girls (because), The Hangover (I don't need to explain here why), Sex And The City (because these girls are simply the best), The Proposal (for Ryan Reynolds and the epic Sandra Bullock, obviously), What Happens In Vegas (because it's a romcom and nobody wants to sit and cry at a slumber party) and Magic Mike (some amazing moves from none other than Channing Tatum. What's not to like?). 

Priyanka Mehta