It’s not long before we start the countdown to welcome yet another year, hopeful that all our deep dark (at times) desires to come true. But the last 365 days have made us see and experience so much that in future, these same moments will leave us nostalgic. Before you set out to rock and roll on the floor with a glass of wine in your hand, let’s do some time travel and relive the best moments from 2016.

You can hate them or love them but cannot ignore. We have made a list of some funny, some worth remembering and some inspirational moments that will either make you go aww or Oh sh*t.

The Trump Moment
donald-trump-hd-desktop-compressedOne cannot possibly explain that emotion that all the liberals and pseudo-liberals felt when the historic announcement was made on November 8, declaring Mr. Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Ranveer Singh's “butt” obvious Moment
ranveer-singh-latest-look-from-befikre-movie-11280Ahem ahem! Look at that naughty smile all the ladies have on their faces right now!

We know a lot of you secretly enjoyed this moment. Befikre was destined to ruffle a few feathers, as was evident from its trailer. But one Befikre moment that stole all the limelight was the controversial scene where Ranveer does a daredevil stunt – he shows off his bare butt.

The Koffee with Karan Moment
koffeeWhen asked about the one thing Akshay has and none of the Khans did, Twinkle Khanna gave a rather audacious and politically incorrect answer. This moment left everyone flabbergasted and Twinkle’s damage control was not very helpful.

Bebo’s Baby Moment
bebo-baby-compressedKareena Kapoor’s baby was already in the news even before coming in this world. The media seemed more excited than the parents and therefore the final moment of the baby entering this world was one of the best remembered moments this year.

The Olympic Pride Moment
olympic-compressedThis Olympics has made a place in the pages of Indian history. The winners made every Indian proud and not to mention the breath-taking triumph of P. V. Sindhu (Silver Medal) and Sakshi Malik (Bronze Medal).

The Pikachu Moment
pokemon-go-dodge-gym-compressedRemember the moment you saw your 25-year-old friend and your 40-year-old neighbor chasing Pokemon under the bed, on the streets, inside a temple and just about everywhere? Pokemon Go was an overnight sensation that got people addicted within weeks. Accidental deaths, new city policies and arrests became common and the chaos that the game created is sure to stay in our minds for a long time.

The 1st Indian Mr. World
mr-worldAn actor and a model from a small city in Hyderabad made headlines around the world when he became the first ever Indian to be crowned as Mr. World. Indeed a proud moment for all of us to cherish.

The Bob Dylan Moment
bob-dylanHow happy all Bob Dylan fans were to see their star winning this prestigious Nobel prize for Literature at the peak of his career.

The Brexit Moment
brexit-compressedA lot of people are oblivious to its meaning but everyone has heard this term. Britain’s exit from the European Union made headlines throughout the world and the referendum was surely a moment captured in history.

india-atm-queue-compressedThe nightmare that began with our prime minister’s unscheduled historical announcement on live television haunts us even today. Definitely not a moment to forget easily.