A Rainy day and a bad hair day go hand-in-hand. Now that the rainy season has begun in all its glory, we are sure most of you are suffering the tragedy of frizzy and oily tresses. While  hair always requires special attention, monsoons demand elaborate hair rituals. Here’s an extensive guide how you can take care of your hair this season.

But then there are days when you are running super late and your hair obviously is being difficult. You need to know these amazing hairstyles, they might just save you tons and tons of grief. Top ten hair-dos that you are bound to L-O-V-E ! 
Drape french braid
You can do these in plenty of ways, but our favorite is this top head braid that will work wonders and will also allow you to let your hair down, quiet literally. Works great for evening outs!
Rainy Day 
Deconstruction ponytail
Say buh-bye to your boring ponytail and adopt something different for this season. Play with your hair and try these amazing deconstructed-ponytail-versions
Rainy Day 
Twisty updo
Twisty updos are a great way to save time and look put-together really fast. It’s super easy and looks great. 
Rainy Day 
Flashback updo
Say hello to the sixties with this lovely updo. Not only does it look amazing, it also is a great way to avoid all that moisture.  
Rainy Day 
Fishtail Braid
This is obviously the best kid of braid. You can try to turn it int a bun or even try and add a french braid twist at the top. 
Rainy Day 
Braid bun
This is super classy. But unfortunately works well only if you have long hair and a lot of time. 
 Rainy Day
Headband tuck
Say hello to super-glam-boho-chic! Make sure you have a glitzy headband to rock the evening and a bright one to add color to the grey skies. 
Rainy Day 
Top Knot
Never runs out of season. Works well in summers as well as rains. 
Rainy Day 
Gibson tuck
Sassy and stylish! This look is amazing and can even be a conversation starter. Just try it. 
Rainy Day 
Braided bow bun
Very chic. If you can carry it off, this is one of the cheekiest hairstyles out there. However, please avoid this one at work, as you run a risk of being called Mini Mouse.
Rainy Day 
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Happy rains…just kidding. Save your hair!