Summer heat is driving us crazy. Whether you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahemdabad, Bangalore, Chennai or even Nagpur, every town and city is suffering from heat woes. But we are making it worse for ourselves. You know how? By wearing jeans! Wearing jeans in summers is one of the worst fashion crimes we are all guilty of. Instead we need to choose a lighter fabric and wear clothes that are airy. 

What best way to keep it stylish than try a cute skirt! Show off those stunning legs in a skirt and do yourself a favor this summer. We offer you tips on how and what to pair it with. 


Pair it with a crop top and rock this look. 

Asymmetrical Skirt

Great for an evening out. If you aren’t too sure out showing off your legs these will be a great way to play peek-a-boo. 

Wrap Skirt

These are perfect for summer, and come in cotton in as many prints and colors as you like. Pick a white T-shirt and give it the hippie feel.   

Pleated Skirt

These are great to add drama to your evening wear. Pair a deep color with a plain black top and you are good to go! 


Made of tulle, this is your typical pro-wear! So bring it out if you have a special occasion or just want to make a statement. 

High-Waist Skirt

High-waist skirts are slowly on their way out. But if you’re a fan, you can pair it with a nice blouse and you are ready for work.  

Trouser Skirt

Pick between fitted or flared, both perfect for work and play. Pair these with plain tops and flatform shoes. 

Broomstick Skirt

These are wrinkled skirts up to your ankle. Strictly casual; try these out on hot evenings. 

Maxi Skirt

These are in and so make the most of it. Pair a plain one with a comic print T-shirt to up your quirk-game, or try a patterned one with a loose plain sheer shirt. 

Circle Skirt

They are very fitting at the dress hips and flare at the hem. Try a summery color and pair with a crop top or go for an off-shoulder top. 

Mini Skirt

Pair it with a dressy top and you are ready for that Saturday night party. 

Pencil Skirt

Perfect for skinny girls. Wear it to work and look professional and smart. 

Go ahead, get yourself a skirt! Share and spread the power of a skirts this summer.