Virat Kohli most popularly known for his aggressive batting in the cricket world has come a long way in becoming one of the most successful sports stars in India. He has a huge fan following not only in India but all around the world. Be it on the field or off the field, Kohli has always surprised his fans, with the love that he has for the game and his style statements. It's not so easy to look good when you are famous, but Kohli manages to pull it off easily because he has developed a unique style of his own.

Whether he’s cracking sixes on the field or not, you have to admit Virat Kohli is a consistent scorer in the style department. Let's take a look at some of his styles and the times that he has been a trendsetter for his fans.

Virat Kohli - BookMyShow
Virat has a love for sunglasses, especially the funky ones. The polarized sunglasses of Virat Kohli give us a beach vacation vibe. This is a must-have pair for all!

Virat Kohli - BookMyShow
Kohli knows his style like nobody else. His hairdo is popularly called the undercut. This hairdo has always been preferred by women. The basic idea of this cut is to clear the hair upwards from the face and wear it high over the brow. Get ready to see more of this haircut around you soon. Why? Because Virat Kohli is sporting it!

This guy can perfectly pull off pairing up sneakers with a designer suit! Kohli has been spotted many times in this look.

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Many of us know that Virat has a liking for camouflage clothing. Whether it's in the form of a sleep-in tee or stay-at-home pajamas, it all suits him well.

Virat Kohli - BookMyShow
Last but not the least, VK has always maintained that sharp bearded look of his. He is always seen with the dark stubble which looks absolutely perfect on his well-chiseled jawline. The beard also suits his aggressive nature (on the field, of course!). 

Here's wishing Virat Kohli a very happy birthday and success in all that he does.

— Joseph Bhathena