"The color of someone's skin doesn't tell you nearly as much about them as the colour of their nail polish." – Anonymous

While lipsticks and eye shadows have been in trend for a very long time, nail paints, the craze and demand for nail art is also increasing by the day. Ever wondered why? Well, just like your eyes and lips, your nails too have a story to tell. While chipped nails could mean you are lazy or a rebel, matching your toes and fingers could mean that you like your work perfectly done and finished. But that's not it. Even the colors you wear have a certain something to say about your personality and we suppose people are beginning to understand that. If you're clueless about what we're saying then here's our guide on what your nail paint says about you and your mood.

Nail Art


It's not too hard to understand that someone who loves nail art can be termed as the fun and creative kind. Also, they are quite patient considering the amount of time nail art takes.



Someone wearing a Nude or Coffee color can be called as a very professional person. Also, classy and sophisticated with a subtle choice.

French Manicure


While classy, the people with the traditional French manicure are said to be more on the conservative side and prefer being simple.

Blue and green


The blue and green lovers could be called as the adventurous kind or the risk takers who are up for anything new.

Red and hot pink


While red adds a lot of glamour and sex appeal, hot pink is for the bold and trendy. The lovers of both, though, can be called as people who like to be noticed.

Lavender and baby pink


Feminine, yet not very feminine. These people like to be groomed without having an over-the-top fashion sense.

Yellow and orange


It's not to hard to guess that orange and yellow lovers are tropical lovers and hence, bubbly, chirpy and fun-loving kind of people.



The people who can pull off neon are the extroverted and outgoing kind. They can talk to everyone and carry themselves with most confidence. 



For all those who think black seems to portray sadness or dullness, let us tell you that's not true. A little rebellious, a little mysterious and a trendsetter in themselves, people who wear black are extremely carefree.

So what does your nail-paint say about you? Comment below and let us know!