What Your Sleepwear Says About You

Getting dressed is such a big part of our daily life. Irrespective of where we're headed, we always tend to pick out appropriate outfits. This is because style is an easy way to express oneself without having to utter a word. It often gives out a hint of some aspect of our personality. This is true even in the case of our choice of sleepwear. As ridiculous as it may seem, the clothes we choose to sleep in also reveal so much about our personality.

Each individual has their preferences, whether it is a satin camisole or a set of pyjamas, or nothing at all. We have listed all the possible sleepwear preferences with a description of the person who wears them. And no, we weren't spying on you.

Matching pyjama set
You are a perfectionist, an order freak who likes to color coordinate their wardrobe, make lists, organize things and of course get enough sleep. You do not like to give up your personal expression even when you are asleep. A matching set allows you to maintain your aesthetic.
Pyjama Set - BookMyShow

Cotton nightgown
Straight out of a Jane Austen novel, that is almost what you are. You most probably love to read before you go to sleep. Moreoever, you sleep soundly.

Cotton Nightgown - BookMyShow
An old tee
You probably like to reminiscence on fond memories of the past and taking a lot of pictures is something you love. Be it an old jersey or a tie-dye tee, you sleep best when you are dreaming of years that have passed.

Old Tee - BookMyShow

Boxer shorts and a tank top
If this is what you like to wear, you prefer comfort over anything else. It holds true irrespective of what anyone tells you.
Boxer - BookMyShow

Silk chemise
Even when the lights are out, you're a glamour diva. You enjoy sophistication and elegance and you dress to impress.
Silk Chemise - BookMyShow
An oversized T-shirt
Your main concern is getting enough sleep and you would never let anything in the way of that.

Oversized T- BookMyShow

A cozy coverup
A lightweight coverup is for those who appreciate the finer things in life. If this is your choice, you favor simplicity and ease.

Coverup - BookMyShow
Absolutely nothing
Since it is not socially acceptable to go in your birthday suit, you save it up for bed time. Besides being the least self-concious person around, you are spontaneous, independent and responsive to challenges.
Nothing -  BookMyShow

What does your choice of sleepwear say about you? Let us know in the comments section below!