Although it's still rainy season, we are soon going to enter the terrible pre-winter heat wave. The kind that leaves our skin dry and scaly, and our hair rough. Most of the times we don't realize what the sun does to our hair and skin. Noticed the sun spots yet? Or the sandal feet that the sun has left you with? Let us just tell you it isn't a pleasant experience when you do. So taking care of your skin and hair is of utmost importance. All you need is dedication and a very strong routine. 

Here's how you can solve your hair and skin issues, beat the sun, and regain flawless skin and silky hair

Cracked Heels

Use a pumice stone to get rid of all the dead cells. Then try a feet peel to give your feet the special treatment. This is in addition to your pedicures.

Hair & Skin

Dry, Scaly Skin
Moisturizing is your answer to dry skin. The best way to go about it is using an essential oil or bio oil and massaging on your body before your bath and then using a good moisturizer after your bath. For your face, use a lotion that is loaded with hyaluronic acid.  

Hair & Skin

Dark Facial Spots
Those dark spots are due to the increased melanin production thanks to the sun. To lighten the spots cleanse your face, and then two-three times a week you can use this solution. Mix Retinol with your moisturizer, or if you want a home remedy – lime and sugar is your savior. 

Hair & SkinHair
Split ends

If you are suffering from frazzled hair, the best way to get rid of split ends is to go for a trim. The next step would be to ditch the heat styling tools for a bit. You can start applying drops of oil to the ends to add a little bit of moisture. Leave-in conditioners are another way to go.   

Hair & Skin

Wispy, rough hair
The only way to get rid of the rough hair is by dedication. Go for one hair pack each week. There are plenty of options available for home hair packs. You can choose one based on the type of hair you have. A mix of eggs, yogurt and oil works well on most hair. You can also add fenugreek every alternate week, or lime juice for shiny hair. 

Hair & SkinNo delaying if you want these to go. Solve these hair & skin issues now.