Lior Suchard: An Experience

He describes his work as “Astonishing.” And indeed, it is. To the world he is –Lior Suchard, the mentalist and supernatural entertainer.

The cynics might call it trickery but if you believe in power of mind, anything is possible. Lior Suchard is a well-known name in the world of mentalism. He has performed all over the globe, and has been successfully wow’ing eminent personalities from Bill Gates to Larry King to Kim Kardashian. He’s even authored a book, Mind Reader.

Unlike his acts which are powerful and grim, Lior can be easily mistaken for any regular guy. As I sat next to him for a formal interview, I was little nervous and excited at the same time. Before I could start asking him any questions, he handed me a small paper. “Write any word which comes to your mind and don’t show it to me,” he said. Excited like a child, I wrote a word and handed him the paper. To my surprise, he took the  paper, tore it and handed the pieces to my colleague. “You can start the interview, now,” said a gleaming Lior.



Curbing my brimming curiosity, I started asking Lior questions about his work and shows. After few minutes of talking, he stopped me. I watched him as he took another small piece of paper and started scribbling. ‘Don’t look’, he laughed. He neatly folded the paper. “Now think of the word you wrote and say it to me,” Lior said. “Cloud,” I replied. “Cloud is your word, sure?” he asked. “Yes, I am sure,” my stomach fluttered as I replied. “Then cloud it is!” stated Lior opening the sheet of paper he scribbled on. I almost shrieked in awe. On the small piece of paper, neatly written was the word – cloud!

The human mind has myriad capabilities or in just one word it is ‘awesome.’ Mind-reading, gift or talent – whatever you call it, Lior Suchard definitely has the power.

Check out this space for his full interview. And if you are brave enough, head toward his show on November 7 at the Jamshed Bhabha Theatre: NCPA and November 8 at St.Andrews Auditorium, Mumbai.

Beware, this man can read your mind!

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