Loveseat: Short Film Review

Loveseat is fresh like a pair of washed socks. The narrative is compelling and director Matthew Richmond‘s ingenuous approach needs to be applauded. When a guy in a relationship is asked to give up his couch and move in with his girlfriend, he faces internal resistance that may have its source in the deep crevices of his past. Our guy is Joe. Joe gets rescued and counseled from his dilemma by his couch. Yes, you read that right – couch! 

The film has been creatively executed and even if the plot is far-fetched, the short film has a lingering feel-good effect. Loveseat has an arresting plot that feels new. The couch puppet created for the film is a stroke of creative genius. The ‘coughing up pennies and bottle corks’ and the ‘I don’t have nerve endings’ gags will definitely crack you up. You will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek moments and the light-hearted innuendos from the couch. Who is maybe even better than the actors. 

Joe is played by the actor Matt Jones, who is better known as ‘Badger’ from Breaking Bad. Matt does a convincing job as the confused guy who is in two minds about committing to his girlfriend. The backstory of how Matthew got Matt on board the Loveseat (so not sorry for the pun!) is equally entertaining. Matt received a pitch video from Matthew that had the couch puppet asking him to read the script and to consider doing the role. Matt obviously loved it. Who wouldn’t love such a pitch?!  

The film is complete with a novel script, great execution, fine performances and has the perfect mix of wit and humor. Watch the fetching short film here:

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