Set in the village Luckypur, Punjab the movie Lucky Kabootar revolves around the life of Lucky Singh (Eijaz Khan). Except for his name, there’s no luck in his life. A graduate in B.Sc. Agriculture, he dreams of leading an affluent life in the city. But luck never favors him. He dreams of marrying the most modern girl of his village, Kammo (Shraddha Das). Again fate doesn’t work in his favor. Instead he ends up marrying a simple girl, Lakshmi (Kulraj Randhawa). An accident and the misunderstanding that follows changes the course of events. Things start falling in place for Lucky Singh. But soon bad luck finds its way back into Lucky’s life. Will he ever be lucky and happy as he has dreamt of?

If by choice or by chance you happen to watch this movie, you’ll be the (un)lucky kabootar as the title suggests. Meant to be a rom-com, Lucky Kabootar doesn’t offer a single scene where you can either enjoy a decent comedy or a nice romance. The script of the movie revolves around an irrelevant theme of ridiculous love angles and ‘kaun (aur kaise) banega crorepati‘. The dialogues, meant to be funny sound more like sleazy sex jokes that are absolutely disgusting. There is a ‘Sexydaas’ baba (Sanjay Mishra) with his lady devotees, Hard Drive and Pen Drive. A lascivious lady tries her luck hard to win Sunny paaji‘s (Ravi Kissen) heart by showing ample cleavage. Every erotic dream sequence is shot in a water body. Are the characters some sort of water nymphs? A lady politician mispronounces ‘shaks as sex’ and the term is overdone in her entire speech. And to top it up, there are some loud, irritating songs. All mixed well creates the epic, Lucky Kabootar.

The cast was average with their performances. You are left wondering why the talent of the great actor, Sanjay Mishra is being wasted in movies like these? Kulraj Randhawa as Lakshmi was the most-decent among the lot. Popular small screen face, Eijaz Khan fails to create an impression on the 70mm screen.

Overall, from the title to the storyline to the characters, this movie makes for a painful experience for anyone who heads to the theatres.

Why should you watch this film?

Can’t think of any reason to recommend this movie. Still if you insist, watch it at your own risk. 

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