Are you ready for Dada Life? Do you have your Dada Land passport? If you do, then step 1 and step 2 are done. Now, on to the best part: Getting ready. For all you novices out there, you need an EDM kit. If you are wondering what goes in a EDM kit, then you have come to the right place.

EDM affairs are hard-wearing, tough on the calves and mostly awesome. In order to enjoy the experience, fully, you need to get your hands on certain essentials. What are you waiting for? Get cracking.

Firstly, you need a pair of wicked headphones. They don’t need to be connected to anything; you can swing the jack around like a lasso above your head. Make sure that they are neon-colored, and not to mention you also have to sling these around your neck. That way, people know you live for the music. Remember to bob your head and sway in time with the music.

Secondly, you need to get your hands on some of the various accessories: a bag made up of either hemp or has some kind of cartoon character on it. I suggest Snoopy or old-school Optimus Prime. The bag will help you store your essentials. And by the way, if you are there with your significant other (girl friend/ boyfriend, wifey precious/hubby dearest, mistress/mister) then the bag doubles up as a make-up carrying case, luggage storage and purse.

Thirdly, you need to get your hands on various power bars and drinks. Anything which has enough caffeine to jump start a dead rhino’s heart. Trust me on this, ‘cos when you in the middle of it all, do you think you have time for a three-course meal? No way… the music comes first. And then you have to jump around. That takes energy, so in order to keep on keeping on, fuel up and go! The rush of the music will keep on your feet and the power bars will keep you going like a little energizer bunny. Hop to the music.


Fourth on this list; you need a pair of sunglasses. They can vary from aviators to wayfarers to wrap-arounds. You can wear them during the day and slide them down your nose when you have to take a selfie in front of the ginormous speakers. Mirrored-finish glares are good, but you have to be blond and hot. Guys, you can dye your hair if you’d like.


To round off the list, keep a sleeping bag close-by, you might be there for a while. Stash some glow sticks, they make for trippy lights and also when they are spun around, you get cool pictures. I suggest a combination of red, blue and green. You know, light-saber style.

So these are just a few items which will make your Dada Life experience a memorable one. So get your get your hands on your Dada Land Passport. Leave behind all the mundane junk of your life and trip out with these wicked Gods of Trance. The best part is waking up the next day and thinking to yourself, whoa! That was one epic ride into the night!

Also, don’t forget, get your bananas.

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