The story of Toyland, Noddy and his friends and might I add foes, has enchanted kids and some adults like me for the longest time. Every character from the cartoon show has been imprinted in the minds of all the kids that enjoyed this classic. Based on the children’s classic by Enid Blyton, Noddy is innocence personified.

Miss Blyton has often been criticized for writing solely and only for children, but bore their grown-up parents. Her depiction of characters often limits the imagination of children, and neither does it awaken a love for words. And in the words of a critic, her books contain nothing that is not understandable by the dimmest child, no wonder, mystery or stimulation.

However I beg to differ, I believe the charm of Noddy lies in it’s simplicity. Although I watched the cartoon show before I read the Noddy series, that each character be it Big-Ears, Bumpy Dog, Mr.Wobbly Man, Dinah Doll, Tessie Bear and all the others, have been shaped with so much care that the depth in each of them naturally reflects.

In 1949, when Little Noddy Goes To Toyland released, it was a phenomenal success. Blyton cleverly played with virtue and vice in all her stories. She knew just how children like a story to be. She gave children from four to fourteen just what they wanted to read; stories about them. Noddy was the beloved of many children yet was criticized by many adults as being shallow, whining and with a limited vocabulary. However this didn’t hamper the popularity of the books which ran successfully on British Television as TV shows and continue to appear to this day.

One peculiar episode that has always remained my favourite is the one that introduces Bumpy Dog. Noddy is as busy as ever, carting various passengers around in his car. The day ends and the following day Noddy is in tears. A terrible thing had happened, Noddy’s hard earned money can’t be found. Muddy footprints all over the floor suggest that a goblin might have taken it. Noddy cries loudly and that’s when Bumpy appears.

We all have that kid in us that never wants to grow up, Noddy has managed to nurture that child in all those who watched the show regularly or read books by Blyton.

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