When done correctly, eye-makeup can completely enhance a woman's beauty. With palettes of varying colors, textures and blending capabilities, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating new looks. However, what may work for one may not always look good on another. This ultimately boils down to the difference in eye shape. There are several eye shapes and knowing how to enhance yours can make a big difference to your overall look.


If you're not sure what your eye shape is and how you could enhance it, scroll down to find out. We have five of the most common eye shapes covered.

Round Eyes
If you can still see the white under the iris when your eyes are wide open, you have round-shaped eyes. The aim here is to make them appear more almond-shaped.

You can start by applying foundation on the upper eyelid.

Next, go in with a dark eyeshadow on the outer side of the moving eyelid.

Once complete, draw a line along the lash line, using an eye pencil. Start from somewhere in the middle of the eyelid and finish it with a small wing.

To add volume to your eyelashes, apply mascara.
Round Eyes - BookMyShow


Down-Turned Eyes
In this case, the outer corners of your eyes are lowered.

To make your eyes look lively, use an eye pencil to raise the upper edge of your eyes. Finish with wings.

Apply foundation on your upper eyelid, before you line the upper eyelash line. Keep it thin and natural-looking.

Next, apply an intense color on the outer area of the eyelid and smudge diagonally.

Before finishing with a mascara on the inner middle lashes, conceal the lower outer corner of your eyes.

Remember: Do not go smokey if you have down turned eyes.
Down-Turned Eyes - BookMyShow

Almond Eyes
Almond eyes are elongated, rounded to the nose bridge and sharp on the outer corners. If you have this shape, you should know that this is the easiest for makeup application.

Begin with foundation on the upper eyelid before you apply a beige eyeshadow that goes in the direction of the of your eyebrow.

On the moving eyelid, apply a gold or terracotta eyeshadow.

Next, highlight the upper eyelid crease with a dark line before you smudge it (make sure to do this carefully).

Draw wings above the outer corners of your eyes and use black mascara on the external lashes to enhance the look.
Almond Eyes - BookMyShow

Hooded Eyes
An extra layer of skin below the brow that covers the crease means you have hooded eyes. The goal here is to create an illusion of rounded eyes.

To create the illusion of rounded eyes, begin with a light eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes.
Next, apply a medium shade on the hooded lid.

To complete, choose a dark shade for areas around the crease. And make sure to extend your eyeliner further than usual.
Hooded Eyes - BookMyShow


Narrow Eyes
If the upper eyelid almost overlaps the lashes and the moving part is hidden, you have narrow eyes. What you can do here is make your eyes appear deep.

Apply foundation on the upper eyelid before you take an eye pencil to draw a line along the upper lash line. As for the lower lid, you only need to line only 1/3 of it.

In this case, avoid lengthening mascaras. They will only make your eyes look thinner. Go for volumizing mascaras instead.Narrow Eyes - BookMyShow

We hope this helped!

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