The Many Mafias Of Bollywood

Gangsters are great at doing things that a common man cannot even think of (but would probably like to). Like shooting people, bombing, flaunting not-so-fashionable scars, drug smuggling, trafficking, kidnapping, hijacking to casually name a few. Those dudes are a really talented bunch, must say. There are also different types of them as each one of them has their own expertise.
Apart from being so brilliantly talented, they also always have very interesting life stories. It's no secret that a lot of movies are inspired by their whereabouts. Here are a few movies that are made on mafias and their kinds:

Gangs of Wasseypur 1 & 2 (Coal Mafia)

The film was based in and around the coal capital of India and revolved around one of the biggest coal mafias of the previous decade. The sharp detailing of every aspect of the protagonists' lives (unlike the superficial aspects shown generally) has made the movie legendary, and the one for the directors and writers to refer to while attempting such a subject. The brutal portrayal of truth made it a cult classic in the respective genre.




Agneepath (Drug Mafia)


The remake of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Agneepath (1990) after 22 years truly belonged to the two massive and hysterical villains, Kaancha Cheena and Rauf Laala (Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor). The film revolved around the opium production in Mandwa and female trafficking. The film had one of the best baddies from the history, likeable yet frightening, the ones you love to hate. Both of them were so damn convincing and brutal at the same time that every bit of craziness, filth and evilness were worth it.

Rocky Handsome (Human Organ & Drug Mafia)

Aptly named, the movies stars John Abraham playing an undercover agent, who chooses to open a pawn shop after leaving the sharp shooting business. The movie revolves around the drug mafia in Goa and the system, which was late accompanied by (human) organ smuggling and child trafficking. The film actually focuses on Mr. Abraham, his life, his wife and a new lifeline hence looses the depth of the matter (a great treat for John-lovers).


Reti (Sand Mafia)

As the name suggests (ray-tee), this stark and brutal Marathi movie is based on sand theft and smuggling, hence revolves around sand mafias, exploiting the resource illegally because of its high demand. The film is very real and much was said about it. Sand trafficking not only is illegal but also depletes the resource. So messed up!


Koylaanchal  (Iron & Coal Mafia)

Another flick based in Jharkhand revolving around the Bahubalis, but nowhere near the GOW series. The movie revolved around an old and good politicians who owned mines of the city (coal and iron ore), who adopted a boy only to raise him to be a killer and a bodyguard. The film lacks everything from story to execution and acting, but it is worth a mention.


Laal Rang (Blood Mafia)

Based on a true story, the film revolves around the corruption in blood banks of Haryana. Randeep Hooda plays Shankar, the blood mafia of Karnal. The film doesn't boast of dreadful villains but it will for sure make you hesitant to ever visit a blood bank in your life.

Raees (Liquor Mafia)

The next SRK venture after Fan which is supposed to release in the second half of 2016 reportedly revolves around the Liquor Mafia of Gujarat (which is officially a dry state). Let us see what the movie has in store for us, as this also is a fascinating story of one skilled bootlegger.


While there are uncountable movies that can be listed here, these are a few that explored different streams of Mafiaism (like different streams of engineering). If there are any other movies that you think deserve a mention in the list, do let us know.


P.S. If only there were Universities to train people about being in the Mafia. We are only kidding. Peace out.

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