It has been almost 7 years since the wingless birds with anger problems shot into our lives. Yes, we are talking about the ever popular game Angry Birds. The game which was inspired from Crush the Castle (they both use the slingshot to bring down structures), was released in December 2009 on iOS platforms (a big yay for the Apple fans out there). By October 2010, it had reached more than a million downloads. The game was then made for other touchscreen Android and Windows models. But this is not where the story ends. Rovio Entertainment (the creators of the game) then went on to launch at least 14 other versions of the game, including Rio and the Star Wars edition. As of July 2015, these games have been downloaded 3 million times collectively.

Angry Birds - BookMyShowAngry Birds have been the forerunners when it comes to revolutionizing mobile gaming and giving it status. The makers have also managed to capture the attention of the superior and haughty console and PC gamers with respective versions of this game. It was just a matter of time before Angry Birds found its way into other media. There have been numerous references of this game in movies and TV series. There has also been a couple of cartoon series called Angry Bird Toons and Piggy Tales.

With numerous theme parks named after them, and hoards of merchandise based on these characters, it will seem like these birds are taking over the world. With their new movie coming up, it is time to get acquainted or reacquainted with these birds, and try to discover the cause for all that anger!


Red - BookMyShowAs his name suggests, Red is the red-colored bird with serious anger and cynicism issues in a cheery bird world. It doesn’t take much to get him worked up and he is also the first character introduced in this fascinating world of wingless birds.


Chuck - BookMyShowHis mouth and his speed are equally incredible. His conical face gives him an advantage over others when it comes to speed.  His impulsiveness may get him into trouble all the time but he has a way of getting out of it just as fast.


Bomb - BookMyShowDon’t be scared by his name. He is the friendliest bird you could meet. Just don’t try to get him nervous or worked-up, you might not like the explosive consequences!


Matilda - BookMyShowA reformed angry bird, she has made it her mission to eradicate the signs of anger on Bird Island and is now in-charge of the angry bird class.


Terence - BookMyShowHe is an over-sized version of Red. If you think that Red has temper issues, you haven’t seen anything yet. His size might not help him with words but his grunts will do the trick.


Stella - BookMyShowShe is the epitome of optimism and inquisitiveness. Her temperament makes her an expert on Bird Island and she is always happy to help.

You might be thinking, all of them don’t seem that angry. When the Pigs from another island take away their eggs, it doesn’t take long for them to unleash the hulk (apologies, wrong universe) anger boiling inside them.

With the release of The Angry Birds Movie drawing near, isn’t it helpful to know more about the characters? If you didn’t find your favorite bird here, don’t worry, we are sure that they will be there in the movie. Comment to let us know about your favorite Angry Birds, and don’t forget to share this info with fellow Bird-lovers.

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