Ever since the turn of the century, hacking has become a well-known, albeit infamous phenomenon. Just out of school, the geeks learn the techniques to sabotage someone’s system and retrieve information. Hacking is a crime that has kept cops on their toes and has fascinated the youth. It is a ‘talent’ each one of us wishes to acquire but only a few have succeeded.

Mickey Virus is film that ventures into the terrain of hackers and brings forth a picture that is amusing. Directed by debutant Saurabh Varma, the film marks the debut of Manish Paul alongside veteran actors like Varun Badola and Manish Chaudhary. Puja Gupta, earlier seen in Vicky Donor as the self-flinging-neighbor, stars in the film as Mickey’s confidante. The story of the film revolves around Mickey (Manish Paul), a street-smart hacker, who is hired by the cops to solve a hacking case but he soon becomes an alleged accused in the case. Mickey’s attempts to rescue himself from this forged crime, forms the story of the film. The film is set in Delhi and although, it doesn’t capture the beauty of the city on the camera lens, it makes it up with ample usage of the Delhi slang. The film crushes into the minds of geeks and makes use of geeky slang as well. You’d hear the word “buffer”, “upload”, “hard disk” in the everyday talks of this tech-savvy lot.  The film shows two diverse worlds, one that glorifies the geeks as “hackers” and the other of “hawkers” which comprises those with less tech knowledge and more craving for money.

In the first-half of the film, the lead is seen drooling at the sight of a firang while the second-half shows his pursuit for success in life. It is in the second-half that the film hits a sixer, however, turns out to be very predictable. Manish Paul and Varun Badola steal the show, Manish with his child-like charm and Badola with his tight collar police-wala attitude. The direction of the film is raw yet good with a room for improvement. Action shows a minimal presence on screen and looks amateurish. Touted to be a comic-thriller, the film is lesser comedy and more suspense. Suspense is what keeps the audience on the edge-of-their-seat. There is ample use of computer graphics which makes it simple for a layman to understand the working of a hacker. Sparing the song Pyaar China Ka Maal Hai, others cease to excite the listeners. All the actors in the film have done a reasonably good job with their respective characters but looks like Elli Avram’s character of Kamayani could have suited any chic Indian lassie.

The film has a good script which deserves to be lauded and it is a good start for the newbies – Manish Paul and Director Saurabh Varma. However,  the film is most likely to attract the wannabe geek crowd whereas the general public will welcome it for its suspense element.

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  1. Somesh Sinha

    October 25, 2013 at 8:18 pm

    3.5 stars

    Gen Y, the successor to Gen X, is novel with the idea of Hacker movies in Bollywood, to be precise, whereas it is a perdurable affair in the West (read Hollywood). But to base a story on hacking, wholly, entwined with right dose of romance (read skin show), humor (read toilet humor), emotions and most importantly thrill (read astounding suspense) and that too in the heartland, Delhi, the place of douchebag yet prudent persons, is indeed a wacky idea, & Mickey Virus is the result. Kudos to the Hindi film industry for churning out such ideas.

    Two foreign hackers in Delhi are injected with lethal chemical & killed in broad daylight, unbeknown to the police. To solve the enigmatical cyber crime case, ACP Siddhant Chauhan (Manish Choudhary) and his aide-de-camp Inspector Devender Bhalla (Varun Badola) employ a 20-something lethargic yet street-smart sly hacker Mickey Arora or Mickey Virus, as he is popularly known as, who operates with the pseudonym Kung Fu Chameli in cyberspace. He is taking forward his legacy by controlling his mother’s grocery store in the day and creates viruses and quirky softwares in the night with his allies Shalu Sharma aka Chutney (Puja Gupta), Manjot Gill aka Floppy (Raghav Kakkar) and Palwindar Singh aka Pancho (Vikesh Kumar) with learnings from Professor Utpal Acharya (Nitesh Pandey) aka Papa of hackers. He is unwilling to do the job & keeps on procrastinating until he falls head over heels for Kamayani (Elli Avram) – his own Kung Fu Chameli, which leads to getting himself struck in the cyber trap with a well-programmed series of crimes and has only 14 hours to survive. It is then he is forced to operate his skills and what happens to his search for the gang, is a result of his talent (read Hacking).

    The film’s premise is so based in the cyberworld that the pace of the narration stands by every aspect of the plot alike any high-speed internet. You need not to blink your eyes until the next page loads. Even in the second half, the story doesn’t get encrypted, where most Friday releases come under the scanner. The best part has been ctrl+S (read saved) for the second half, where the plot provides the spectators with evidently shocking twists & turns, which keeps them hooked till the very end. The climax is top-notch & will leave the spectators awestruck. The camaraderie between Chutney & Mickey alike Tom & Jerry, is a delight to watch. The dialogues, screenplay & direction (Saurabh Verma) is computer-esque and are vividly apt. Well done Mr. Verma for this debut venture. DoP (Anshuman Mahalay) captures the mood of the director well & does a commendable job. Music (Agnel Roman, Faizan Hussain and Hanif Sheikh) does irritate the viewers at times. Pyar China Ka Maal Hai is the standout composition. The best of the words should be accosted for the casting director (Abhishek Banerjee), who casts a supremely hordes of actors, who compliment each & every scene of the movie. The idea is overall, inventive, which is a luminous treat to watch.

    On the flip side, the first half should have less scenes of Mickey drooling all the way over the voluptuous Kamayani. The plot in this hour takes long to build up. That’s it.

    Manish Paul is an eminent figure in television world. He is the cutest television host ever and in his debut movie too, his comic timing, body language & mannerisms of geeky college brat deserves applause, who delivers his witty one liners just as one presses the Enter button while Programming. He is simply brilliant in giving his body & soul to the role. Long way to go for him. Elli Avram isn’t that bad, though she doesn’t know acting but this is her debut stint and she’s limited to merely skin show in all those skinny clothes, be it formals, casuals et al. Her eyes speaks a lot, which aides to a lot of her expressions. Puja Gupta’s dialect reflects her tomboy look rather well. She’s is one such talent, who proves herself time & again. The other two pals of Mickey are quite impressive. Manish Choudhary & Nitesh Pandey are tailor-made for the role but it’s only Varun Badola who gets his due with his brilliant act. His lines are indeed funny & the way he delivers them, make them even funnier. The movie is sure to win him as many accolades as it could.

    On the whole, book your tickets pronto and enjoy this crisp & quirky bug. Get infected ASAP!

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