Mixtape for your Valentine

Chocolates? Roses? Maybe a cuddly toy… naah, done it so many times. Are you in a dilemma in choosing a perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Something which is romantic as well as easy on your pockets. Mixtape to the rescue!

In this era of mixes and online streaming, Mixtape might sound a little outdated. But there is a certain charm to it. Right from painstakingly selecting the perfect songs to gift wrapping, making a Mixtape is like a science project for your loved one.
So if you plan to surprise your date with this classic romantic gift, read on!
How to go about it?
The goal is to melt your loved one’s heart, without being too cheesy. A Mixtape is all about expressing your emotions through songs. Try to be clever and endearing at the same time. Remember the keyword- Romance.
Selecting the songs
Think of some words or phrases to describe your loved one. Funny, smart, beautiful smile, blue eyes (umm… avoid Yo Yo Honey Singh for now). The songs should be subtle yet romantic. If you are gifting your Mixtape to a secret crush, avoid putting tracks like ‘Pour some sugar on me’ or ‘Sexual healing’ which are way too sonorous. Use tracks which are lyrical and melodious. Feel-good, peppy numbers like ‘In the Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry or ‘Jeans on’ by David Dundas are instant mood-lifters.
Once you figure out your songs, list it down and listen them carefully. Are you getting the romantic vibe? If yes, proceed to the next step.
D-day presentation
Avoid gaudiness. Keep it simple yet classy. If you want you can present your Mixtape with a card, or chocolates, or a bottle of wine… maybe  Just make sure you hand it over to your date with a smile. 
Well, that was easy, wasn’t it? In case you are too busy to select songs for your Valentine, here’s a list of songs you can  choose from.
1. Stand by me- Ben E King
2. Eternal Flame – Bangles
3. To love somebody- Bee Gees
4. These arms of mine- Otis Redding
6. Yummy, yummy, yummy- Ohio Express
7. Nights in white satin- The Moody Blues
8. Unchained melody- Righteous Brothers
9. Can you feel the love tonight? -Elton John
10. Sway- Dean Martin 
Happy Valentine’s Day Folks! 


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